In almost every list of home improvement ideas you will see adding a deck as one of the suggestions. You may have wondered what type of deck design would enhance the appearance of your home or what type of deck material would be best for your area. You can find answers to these questions by clicking here. If one of your concerns when it comes to adding a deck revolves around how much you can expect to use the deck, you may want to consider some of the following ideas.

Obviously, adding a deck will expand both your living and your entertainment space. However, not all homes are situated so that a deck is a comfortable place to be throughout the day or for cool seasons. If your deck receives a lot of sunlight, you can add a pergola or shade cloth to your deck to make it cooler. Lattice with climbing vines is another sun-blocking solution. Outdoor blinds, especially bamboo blinds can block the blaring sunlight and add a tropical atmosphere to your deck.

At the other end of the spectrum, your deck may be a chilly place to be in early spring, autumn or early winter. That problem can easily be solved with the addition of a free standing fireplace or a fire pit. Place some warm throws across your outdoor sofa and chairs for guest to wrap around them and go ahead and enjoy the outdoor scenic beauty those cool seasons offer.

As a dog owner, you know that there is a unique and special bond between the human and canine species. You instinctively sense this fact when your dog gives you kisses with his wet little nose after you give him a treat.

There are many different ways of showing your pet how much you care for him. One of the best methods is through treats and rewards. If you are a dog owner, or you know someone who is, one of the best presents you can buy for them is a dog gift basket.

There are a wide variety of dog baskets available. Several of the most common are get well baskets, party baskets, Valentine’s Day baskets and many more for your canine friend.

Get well baskets tend to feature a specially designed type of dog treat that is partially hollow and has an end that can be opened and shut. The purpose of this innovative treat is to allow you to give your pet a little something to help him feel better about life while at the same time giving him his medicine. Get well baskets also typically include a seven-day pill dispenser, dog biscuits and a get well message.

Party baskets typically include a variety of cakes, biscuits, cupcakes and toys—enough for several dogs to get together and have a bark-day bash.
Valentine’s Day baskets for dogs usually include specialized treats, an iced biscuit, a fancy container and a personalized gift message.

Purchasing dog gift baskets from vendors such as is a great way to show your dog how much you care.

Yesterday was the kids culminating for the month of August’s Kultura Festival “Biag Ti Ifugao”. For the whole month of August, the kids wore an Ifugao costume every Monday. I find it amusing at first but the kids were actually excited and happy about it.

These were their costumes yesterday. Other kids wore an undershirt in either black or white but my kids prefer not to. They were proud to show their big tummy. lol Anyway, the real Ifugao doesn’t wear an undershirt.

 photo 20140906_073832.jpg


The boys were using a real spear from their Uncle’s antique collection. We wanted to let them wear an antique headdress with a monkey skull but its quite heavy and uncomfortable to wear and being clumsy boys as they are – the headdress might fall!

The kids performed their Igurot dance relatively well. I was surprised to see them dancing the typical Igurot way.. it reminded the days when we went to Ifugao and Sagada to buy antique back then.

Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy is a rewarding career. You get to help people who have been injured and those who might need a little help moving around as they get older. After completing your physical therapy course, you can often start a career in a hospital or doctor’s office. However, some offices want you to consider continuing education courses for physical therapists. There are some benefits in continuing your education. You will learn all of the latest technological approaches to therapy. This can help in getting the patients moving on their own or with limited assistance quickly.

Another advantage to continuing your education is that some offices will increase your pay after you complete the class. You also have more options in the job field. There are new treatments that offices might not have the time to teach. A continuing education class that is held over the course of a few weeks can give you all of the information you need instead of attending a longer course that covers information you already know. Some states require you to take classes while you have your license in order for it to be renewed. This will help you keep assisting those who need help.

Did you know that just one leaky window can add hundreds of dollars to your heating and cooling bills every year? Something as small as a crack in the window the size of a quarter can let cool air in during the winter, which will leave you cranking up the heat. That same hole can also let in warm air in the middle of summer, which will make you increase your AC. With new casement windows, you can change the look of your house and bring down the cost of your heating and cooling bills at the same time.

What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are simple windows that look like a large pane of glass. Made from fiberglass, casement windows by Thermo Bilt come in a range of different sizes and styles. These windows feature a simple design that lets you open the window in our out to let in fresh air. Instead of pulling or tugging to get the window open, you can press a simple lever and slide the windows out. You can choose multiple windows to fit a larger opening, and you’ll find designs that can replace the old and outdated windows in your home. Sealing placed around the windows blocks out cold or warm air and keeps your home at a comfortable temperature.

With Thermo Bilt windows, you receive a lifetime warranty that covers damage caused by wear and tear and other problems. If you’re tired of seeing your heating and cooling bills rising, schedule an appointment for new windows today.

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