Fabric On Furnishings

One of the trends in decorating the home is putting upholstery on couches and chairs instead of replacing the entire piece of furniture. This is an option that is very inexpensive, and you can change the look of the furniture whenever you want instead of searching for the perfect larger piece to go in the room.

There are numerous kinds of fabrics to choose from including solids and floral prints. You can also find fabric at 1502 Fabrics that can cover lawn furniture. This is ideal for those who see a lot of storm damage through the year and don’t want to replace patio furniture every season. It is easy to install on the furniture, and like with the fabric indoors, you can change the look each year. When you look for fabrics, you can usually find items that are on clearance or on sale so that you can get several patterns at one time. This gives you options later on instead of going to look for something that might not be in the store. Another benefit to fabrics is that you can stretch it to fit over the furniture so that it looks like it was made that way instead of looking like a cloth that was draped over the item.

You may not have thought about incorporating a lighting style from the 1900s into your modern, contemporary or traditional style home, but it can be done in an incredibly impressive way. Tiffany lighting has long been revered for its exquisite beauty. Just the presence of a Tiffany lamp sitting on or suspended above a table can instantly elevate the elegance of a room. If you have the impression that stained glass lighting and stained glass accessories are out of range for your budget or that there’s no way stained glass can enhance your trendy decor, you should spend some time exploring the possibilities. Your search can begin at a location such as Smashing Stained Glass. Start with the section titled why buy from us and you will immediately discover that stained glass products are indeed an affordable and appropriate decorative item for your home.

While the traditional Tiffany lamps are exquisite and deserve recognition and respect, the more contemporary stained glass lighting styles such as a wine bottle pendant or the stunning handkerchief pendant light can quickly become a statement accessory in today’s trendy decors. Ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps are not the only way you can enjoy stained glass in your home. Contemporary style stained glass fireplace screens can enhance the focal point of your living room during the times your fireplace sits idle. A stained glass window can become an unexpected, eye-catching part of a simplistic, elegant decor.


Your child’s christening day comes along only once in their lifetime. This makes it crucial for every detail of that special day to be absolutely perfect. You can create the ideal christening event by choosing the right outfit and accessories that will stand out in the minds and hearts of all who share in this one in a lifetime moment with your child.

Christening Outfit Ensemble

You are sure to find an amazing selection of christening gowns, suits, and rompers to choose from for your child to don on their big day. For many families the christening ensemble that is selected is passed down from one generation to the next. Knowing that your child’s designer christening gown, suit, or romper is crafted with precision stitching ensuring every detail is perfect will surely be a proud choice for creating that extra special heirloom purchase. To compliment your child’s christening outfit ensemble you can select from silk crafted bibs featuring embroidered crosses or hand stitched edging. You will also find booties in both girl and boy styles that ideally suit the outfit you decide on.

Baby Christening Candles

While there are sure to be many pictures taken of your child’s christening day it is important to have those special treasures that will always take you back to this special moment in your child’s life. Baby christening candles are sure to be one of those special tokens that you will not want to leave out of your event planning for your child. Baby christening candles symbolize the light that you are asking the Lord to shine in on your child’s life. Featuring special sentiments that depict the special meaning of your child’s christening day, baby christening candles add that touch that every parent never wants to be lacking.

Christening Gifts

Whether you are planning for the christening of your child or are invited to share in the special day of another child’s christening, choosing the perfect christening gift should be something that is done in a personal way. The christening gift that is selected should remind the child throughout their lifetime of that special moment when they were presented to the Lord. Inspirational crosses, key rings, embellished plaques, and charms are all special tokens that you can present on a child’s christening day that will sure to be special treasures for a blessed lifetime to come.

You can guarantee that your child’s christening day will be perfect when you are purchasing christening outfits, christening day accessories, and gifts that are created with your child’s special day in mind. To find an amazing selection to choose from, you are invited to visit Lily’s Attic at http://lilysattic.com.au/. Here you will find professionals that are dedicated to helping you make your child’s christening day as unique as your child is. You will also be able to shop with confidence knowing that all of the products you choose are crafted with your child’s special day in mind.

Halloween is just around the corner. As early as now, my kiddos who are fanatic of Trick or Treating are already thinking of their costumes this year. Like in the past, we just buy off the shelves costumes but this time, my eldest son Francis created his own personality – he wants to be the Dark Emperor.  Dark Emperor??  Never heard of such personality – but from the name itself, an emperor wearing dark clothes  with dark personalities! lol I think we could use some of their old costumes and combined them to have an emperor look! And perhaps, apply some make up! He bought himself some fangs and toy blood yesterday.

For Chris, he wants to wear the Luke Skywalker costume. I am pretty sure, we cant find this costume in department store so I can guess we also have to make own – hello DIY.



As usual, our girl just wants to be a princess. Once a princess, always a princess!! That means, we just have to used her old costumes. Easy peasy!

Our village has a yearly  “Trick or Treat” event and Halloween party afterwards. The kids are normally excited come end of October for this event and are we!

Flooring Options

Keeping a clean home can seem like it’s difficult at times. Smart home changes create a home that’s easier to clean. For instance, choosing to have hard flooring can save a substantial amount of time in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Carpet ends up as home to several dust mites and allergens that can make people feel like they are sick. Carpet is difficult to clean. Family members, guests and animals invariably track in mud and other substances that make carpet dirty. Hard flooring is easy to clean and requires little maintenance to keep looking beautiful.

Many people opt to have tile throughout their homes. Tile is durable and easily replaceable should one piece become broken. It’s important to clean and seal tile grout to keep stains from forming in the grout. For instance, click here to discover types of grout cleaners and sealers.

Bamboo hardwood flooring is becoming popular. Other types of hardwood flooring are still popular, but bamboo is considered a “green” option. It easily renews itself—much faster than other types of vegetation that is used in hardwood flooring.

Marble and other types of stone make for excellent flooring selections; however, an easier method of flooring that can mimic the look of marble and other types of stone flooring involves using a specialize tool that uses diamonds to polish concrete to a high shine finish.

Each type of flooring mentioned above requires little maintenance and cleaning. Simple sweeping and mopping is all that is needed for cleaning. The time needed in cleaning is minimal as well, and the family remains healthy.

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