Do you love construction work? Do you dream of building great mansions and skyscrapers with your bare hands? Here are just four tips for becoming a contractor and leaving a real mark on the world.

1. Get Licensed

While some states don’t require licensure for their contractors, you’ll find that certification opens a lot of doors in your career. Find a good Continuing Education (CE) program that will teach you what you need to know. You can even read reviews here.

2. Shadow the Experts

Sometimes you’re required by law to undergo apprenticeships before you can be fully certified, but even if you aren’t, it’s a good idea to get some on-the-job training under real contractors and construction workers.

3. Pick a Specialty

Some contractors act as a “jack of all trades.” Others choose to narrow their focus on things like woodwork, stone masonry or electrical proficiency. If you can carve yourself a niche in the business, you’ll be much more likely to find work.

4. Network, Network, Network

It isn’t just for Wall Street types. By attending professional mixers and networking events, you’ll mingle with others in your industry and expand your Rolodex for times of trouble. You’ll also increase your chances of receiving referrals and attracting new customers.

These are just four tips for getting started in the contracting business. Like any job, it takes dedication to succeed, so don’t be discouraged if the road is long and rocky. You can do it!

Are you tired of completing your morning routine in a dull, drab bathroom? Here are just five ways to shake things up and do something new with one of the most important rooms in the house.

1. Replace Your Tile

Most tile flooring is very generic. Dare to be different with colored blocks, mosaic patterns or special materials like limestone or bamboo.

2. Upgrade Your Fixtures

If you have steel taps, replace them with brass ones. If you have granite countertops, replace them with chrome. The goal is to shake things up with a look that’s the complete opposite of what came before it.

3. Hang It Up

Have you taken full advantage of your vertical space? Think about installing things like shelves and towel hooks so you can free up both your floor and your vanity.

4. Add Color

Get rid of those overwhelming whites and grays. Add color to your walls, toilet seats, showers curtains and floor mats so your bathroom will become a fun place and not just a necessary one.

5. Experiment With Lighting Options

There are so many more ways to light your bathroom than a single bulb overhead. How about bulb lights around your mirrors? How about a skylight so you can take a bath under the stars?

These are just five ways to spruce up the interior design of your bathroom. There are many more, and the sky is the limit when it comes to redecorating, but these ideas should be enough to strike some inspiration of your own. Good luck!

Sculptures Exhibitions

Much can be learned about a society by examining the art that it creates. Art is designed to reflect life. It reflects the society in which it was created. Over time, society reflects art. This is seen when a person examines all forms of art that a culture produces. Included in this are the theater, cinema, and music.

The Symbiotic Relationship between Art and Life

Musicians will often sing songs that tell stories about the area where they grew up and the life that they have lived. People who did not grow up in the same area will listen to the music, relate to the story that the musician tells, and begin to emulate some of the sayings, the manner of dress, and the mannerisms of the musician. So, the musician crates art that reflects his life, and his audience changes their life to reflect his music.

Another example of the symbiotic relationship between art and society can be seen when looking at sculptures. Sculptures have often represented what the artist felt was the ideal human form. With time, the sculptures are shown at sculpture exhibitions, such as those put on by JJ Porret for example, people see the exhibitions, and the sculptures become their ideal for what the human form should look like or what it should represent.

A clear example of this can be seen when looking at ancient Roman and Greek statues. Modern-day society views those sculptures as a representation of the perfect human form. In fact, when a man or woman is considered attractive, they are often referred to as a Greek god or goddess.

Young children love music. They almost invariably give a joyful response to an invitation to “dance with us!” or “let’s all sing along!” Music and dance can be a wonderful part of a child’s education, both at home or in a school setting.

The benefits of musical education are multiple. Moving to music can help teach children about rhythm, help them to develop their motor skills and give them a healthy and creative outlet to express their feelings. Teachers can help even very young children learn simple movements to songs and teach them simple melodies and choruses that introduce them to new rhythms, words and stories. Toddlers and early school age children will especially benefit from hearing music and being invited to move and sing to it, but even infants can benefit from the creative and sometimes soothing qualities of different types of music.

Another great benefit is that music can be a child’s introduction to a different culture. At schools like Bamboo Shoots, which provide bilingual educational opportunities, regular music and dance activities each morning help introduce children to Chinese culture. Music is such an important part of many cultures, and giving children the chance to experience the instrumentation, melodies and stories of a culture different than their own is highly enriching.

A Needed Cremation

A cremation is something that you probably don’t want to think about, but there are times when it might be necessary. It’s an option that is less expensive than a burial. If you don’t have the money for a funeral, then a cremation service would be the best option. Even if you are cremated, you can still have a memorial service. This can include a casket that is rented from the funeral home so that your family and friends can remember you after death. An at-need cremation is one where there is usually no other option for a funeral or burial.

Another reason for cremation is when the body of the deceased isn’t in a condition that is suitable for a funeral. This might happen if the person was in a car accident or if the body was decomposing or had severe injuries that wouldn’t permit a funeral with an open casket. If there is someone who doesn’t have family members, such as someone who is homeless, then a cremation is usually an option for funeral homes because it’s affordable and the ashes can be spread in an area where the person may have enjoyed visiting. The urn can also be placed in a mausoleum until the remains can be claimed by a family member or friends.

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