Friday, April 30, 2010

Pride and Joy

Thanks God its Friday! Now, its time for Mommy Moments. The topic for this week is blue.

I am posting here my little joy Alexa in her blue hair accessories. Her hair is quite long nowadays and been wanting to send her to the hairdresser but to no avail. Do you know why? Her yaya doesnt like it. She wants long hair. I told her as long as I can see that her hair is always in order then I dont mind at all..

The next photo: my two boys solving puzzles in their blue table.

Next photo is Francis while doing trick or treat last year.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer Class: Taekwondo

Happy Monday everyone!

Its summer time and its boring time for the kids! My two boys are most of the time stucked in TV. Their favorite channels are Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. We are really worried at times as they are becoming like a couch potatoes.

I recently enrolled them for taekwondo classes at MTM or More Than Medals. Its good to see them exercising at the same time practicing martial arts. One thing bothers me though as they kept on practicing what they've learned with each other. The result = constant fighting and crying!! But I know as they continue, they will soon appreciate the value of self defense.

You may try ask for a free trial at More Than Medals.

Main Place, Bacoor Gym
Goldrich Bldg.2
Km 18 E. Aguinaldo Highway,
Bacoor, Cavite
Tel : 046-471 5571
Cell: 0906 2281304

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Boys

I just made the badge/button for this blog "The Corsames". As I was browsing through Photobucket, I found the old photos of my little boys. I can't help but copy and paste the URL and posted it here.

Francis was still 2 years old while Christoph turned 2.




Taken at our little paradise - a condo in Mandaluyong City.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Kids in Red

If you look at my kids cabinet, you will find lots of clothes in red. Red shorts, red shirts, red brief, red shoes, even red sunglasses.

My kids have their own favorite color. Francis for blue, Christoph for red and Alexa for pink.



my boys

These photos are taken at Villa Excellance Resort, Tanza, Cavite

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Egg Hunters

The kids were excited. Slept early last night. Prepared everything from baskets to what to wear.

I woke up 2:25 AM. Guess I was excited too.. then again at 4:15 AM. Slept again as the alarm clock was already set to 5:00 AM. Alarmed! Everybody woke up except for daddy. He was the last one to wake up. He slept late daw as he was having stomach pain and dont want to wake me up. Thanks naman!

At 5:30 we were already on the way to Makiling Park, Ayala Alabang for our yearly event - Egghunting.


kids getting ready for the easter party.

The eggs
the eggs and candies

We had about 50 pcs of eggs but none of them had a prize on it. In these eggs, comes a candy and a number - this number represents a certain toy. Since we didnt get any, so we left early so we will not be bothered by these 2 boys of their prizes. Sorry boys.

Tired egg huntertired egg hunter

Happy Easter everyone!