Saturday, May 1, 2010

Holiday but not a free day

Today, May 1, is Labor Day but since it falls on a Saturday, the President instead declared Monday, May 3, as a nonworking holiday.

Based on observation, our workers does not work really hard or is not productive on a Saturday so we still follow our own policy to work on Monday after all we are a private company.

How about you? Do you work on a Saturday too? We do work from Monday to Saturday sometimes on Sunday too. We really cannot complain.. after all this is our life.. our company.. our future belongs here.

Now I am at home sitting in my table thinking what to do.. next thing I noticed, I am posting some ads for our company.. no work but not really a free day! While my hubby is in the warehouse talking to some barangay officials and going to Mandaluyong to check on some water problem in the shop. Again, holiday but not a free day!