Friday, April 30, 2010

Pride and Joy

Thanks God its Friday! Now, its time for Mommy Moments. The topic for this week is blue.

I am posting here my little joy Alexa in her blue hair accessories. Her hair is quite long nowadays and been wanting to send her to the hairdresser but to no avail. Do you know why? Her yaya doesnt like it. She wants long hair. I told her as long as I can see that her hair is always in order then I dont mind at all..

The next photo: my two boys solving puzzles in their blue table.

Next photo is Francis while doing trick or treat last year.

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Marice said...

awww look at how cute they are :) great photos sis!

u may view mine here

kimmyschemy said...

nice hair clips.. and, oh, hello there, superman! nice post..