Monday, May 31, 2010

Party Giveaways And Prizes

Its birthday preparation again time for me. My son Christoph will turn 5 years old on June 30. We are planning to have a simple celebration at home then another in their school with their classmates.

I have to get ready soon as I am leaving for Germany in 2 weeks. Anyway, if you are looking for party giveaways and prizes, look no more, don't waste so time surfing and asking.. Just visit Divisoria particularly 168 Mall. You will find lots and lots of affordable stuff that would surely fit any budget.

Party theme is a very important aspect in planning a party. Choose a party theme with the birthday celebrant is best so you would not spend time cracking your brain. Choose what you child wants, after all its their birthday and not ours. But for one year old, this is our only chance to choose - for us we made a votation. As I like Strawberry Shortcake, I bribe my boys to like her too.. lol

Anyway, below are some of the prizes we had during Alexa's first birthday.

We had lunch boxes as party giveaways in Strawberry Shortcake for girls and Batman/Superman for boys since my boys are superhero fanatics.

My best advice, plan your birthday ahead and prepare immediately. Not like me, most of the time late in birthday preparation kaya always rush orders.

Enough talk for today, I have to source for giveaways for Christoph's 5th birthday. This time its Iron Man 2 party theme. Wanna share ideas? Post your comments away!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Golden Dragon Without A Tail

This is found at the Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

They called this statue as "The Dragon Without A Tail". It is the belief of the Chinese that this statue brings luck for business so whenever they pass or come to this place, they always touch this statue. I guess just like the Catholics like me touch the figures of Jesus Christ, Mama Mary and other Saints when we pray.

This is my post for Yard Art Thursday and Metallic Friday.

S- Snowy Germany

S- Snowy Germany

This photo was taken 2/3 years ago when hubby first visited Germany. It was a snowy Deutchland. It was freezing cold but he enjoyed it a lot. He captured a lot of postcard-like photographs.

I love these photos. Looks so refreshing.. so quite.. so white.. Sky is so clean and blue. It was autumn when I visited Germany. Never had a snowy experience yet. Would love it for sure but I dont know if I can take the cold. I felt so bad already during autumn how much more winter!

This is my entry for ABC Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday, Skywatch Friday and Looking at the Sky Friday.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Movie Date With Shrek 3

Last Sunday, the kids didn't forget that we promised to watch Shrek 3 in SM. They did not stop bothering us until we agreed on leaving at 3:00PM. After which, Francis kept on looking at the watch to check the time. Holy smoke. This is what we get when our kids know how to read the time.

The happy and naughty boy.. and the mommy's boy? lol..

The serious, strict type, camera shy boy.. and the daddy's boy!

Daddy has to pose with him so I could take photos.

Now about the movie, the kids didn't enjoy as much as the two previous Shrek movies. I don't know what went wrong there but even other mommies said the same thing. Its not so funny.

But Shrek is Shrek. Its still a big hit for kids!

This is my entry for Mellow Yellow Monday, Blue Monday and Ruby Tuesday.

Hair Make Over

My hair has been pestering me for ages. When you are a mother, sometimes you have no time for yourself anymore. All you think is about your kids. The first thing we neglect is our body. Yes, this is really true.

I realized lately that I am getting uglier every day. Woke up one day, hey, I used to be pretty and sexy lol .. why not try to be Christina again 10 years ago?.. Lets see..

First stop: On losing weight which I mentioned before in my Vivapinay blog.

Second stop: Hair Make Over

Last Saturday, Ms Rea and myself went to a parlor for that matter. Since my hair is thin, I only had a hair relax and cellophane though the hair dresser suggested hair rebond.

Before the session

After the session

The happy customer

When I came home, the first comment I got from my kids:

Francis: What have you done with your hair?

Christoph: Where have you been?

Me: Surprise surprise! lol

Friday, May 21, 2010

Here Comes the Plane

This sky photo is taken by my son Christoph. He borrowed my camera while we were driving at Roxas Boulevard. I found out about his shot when I uploaded the photos in my Macbook.

Great Shot son. I am proud of you!

This is The Corsames entry for Skywatch Friday and Looking at the Sky on Friday

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Attention Stage Mommies

Attention Stage Mommies, if you have a baby aged 0 to 19 months, then join the Cutest Photo Contest sponsored by Ai-Non Baby.


Enclose in an envelope two (2) latest 5R colored photos (close-up and whole body) of your baby together with three (3) pieces of any Ai-Non Baby products wrapper/ box and a copy of his/ her birth certificate.

At the back of each picture, write the following: baby's name; mother/ father's name; address; contact no., e-mail address, sender's signature and baby's birth date and age.

Mail your entry on or before June 30, 2010 to:

Ai-Non Cutest Baby Photo Contest
PO Box 3136 Manila, Philippines

Cuteness - 50%
Photogenic - 30%
Smartness - 20%

Judging of entries will be done on July 15, 2010 and winners will be notified via registered mail.

Cutest Baby - Php 10,000 = Php 1,000 giftpack
1st Runner-up - Php 5,000 = Php 1,000 giftpack
2nd Runner-up - Php 3,000 = Php 1,000 giftpack

* 3 Winner in each category
0-5 months Category
6-12 months
12-18 months

Please posters and print ads for more details.

Below is my official entry:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Watery Wednesday

These photos are taken around 4 years ago. Francis was still 2 years old while Christoph still a baby.

Back then, we held our office in Mandaluyong so we spent most Saturdays in the warehouse in Cavite to check. These are some of his photos while in the warehouse.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Santacruzan in Bacoor

A Santacruzan is a religious-historical beauty pageant held in many cities, towns and even small villages throughout the Philippines during the month of May.

Yesterday, Niog 2 a small barangay in Bacoor, Cavite held their Santacruzan and my niece, Nicole as one of the participants. While her brother Kurt escorted two girls.

She also celebrated her birthday yesterday so we were all in their house to celebrate with her unfortunately we were not able to sing for her.

Hair & make up courtesy of Stickerworld Team. Thanks to Ate Rea and Ate Lyn.

Gown rented from Quiapo. I think she looked so pretty in her pink gown.

Kurt with his 2 lovely ladies.

This is my entry for Ruby Tuesday.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pink Sunglasses

The office receptionist called and said that I have a visitor but before we finished talking, my visitor already came in.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

My visitor is Alexa in her pink sunglasses and pink handbag. She has 2 sunglasses but this pink is her favorite. The Pink Handbag is one of her birthday giveaways when she turned 1 last December.

If you want to join I Love Pink Meme, visit this link.

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