Monday, May 24, 2010

Hair Make Over

My hair has been pestering me for ages. When you are a mother, sometimes you have no time for yourself anymore. All you think is about your kids. The first thing we neglect is our body. Yes, this is really true.

I realized lately that I am getting uglier every day. Woke up one day, hey, I used to be pretty and sexy lol .. why not try to be Christina again 10 years ago?.. Lets see..

First stop: On losing weight which I mentioned before in my Vivapinay blog.

Second stop: Hair Make Over

Last Saturday, Ms Rea and myself went to a parlor for that matter. Since my hair is thin, I only had a hair relax and cellophane though the hair dresser suggested hair rebond.

Before the session

After the session

The happy customer

When I came home, the first comment I got from my kids:

Francis: What have you done with your hair?

Christoph: Where have you been?

Me: Surprise surprise! lol


Zinc Shampoo said...

This is good that after being mother you are devoting time to yourself so as to get slimmer and especially taking care of your hairs.