Monday, June 21, 2010

Accident Happen

I am currently in Germany and will be traveling around meeting our suppliers and attending Fespa in Munich. Will probably stay here for 3 weeks, I hope. If not one month, at least that is what is written in our ticket.

I miss my family terribly especially my dear Alexa.. my mini-me. Feeling cold and lonely, I was browsing through iPhoto when I came across the photos of Alexa I took after an incident.

One night, I heard a loud noise next door, then I heard her crying out loud. I hurriedly got up and saw Alexa's hand in blood. My poor, dear Alexa.

The yaya went to the rest room to pee leaving Alexa behind, then being a child, she then put her fingers in the electric fan.. waaaa.. so shocking!

I was so shocked but never really panicked! I normally panicked when accident happens. But when your kids are at stake, you have to be in focus!

I cleaned it and immediately rushed to the hospital. I was so worried as Daddy was in Indonesia, so no choice but to call Uncle to drive us to the nearest hospital, St. Dominic.

The nurse cleaned and checked her hand. What a brave little girl! She didnt cry at all. Then the doctor came and he wanted to do X-ray. I told him no need for Xray as she can freely move her fingers and didnt even cry while the nurse was holding, cleaning, pressing the wound. He realized that I stand firm in my decision so after a few seconds, he said that as long as I will sign a waiver then no xray will be perform. So be it. I talked to another nurse and ask for her opinion and she have the same opinion.

Lessons learned. Baby proof your surroundings. Use ceiling fan or stand fan so she cannot reach. She might climb though but that's a different story.


Dhemz said...

my gosh....poor alex....kalouy tawon....korek, accident always happen.....curious kids....ehehhehe!

naa diay ka sa germany mami dear?

Anonymous said...

Glad she's ok. I'm just wondering why you refused the x-ray?

Enjoy your stay in Germany, though it's such a bummer not to have your family with you.


Witchie's Place said...

Awe! Poor baby! You're right, we can't leave them to their own devices, they WILL hurt themselves on something! Glad to see it didn't turn out worse! Good luck while you're away from your family!

Marice said...

oh my! poor little sweetie :( hope it will really soon!

josie said...

kaya ako when my kids were small can't take my eyes on them, sometimes I felt paranoid na hehehe.

Unknown said...

Yup, when we have toddlers, we really have to be alert.

Unknown said...

Para rin yan anak ko, he got an accident and he is fine now. Hope she is fine now, well she seems look okay hehe

Anonymous said...

Ganoon yata talaga pag may bulilit sa bahay. We need to be proactive. I just always feel relieved and thankful when I see that they are alright.

* Michael * said...

Oh.... poor baby. Hope that she is fine now.