Monday, June 14, 2010

The Karate Kids

During summer time, its always good to find activities for the kids. I believe that its not nice for them to stay at home, get bored and just watch TV the whole time.

So I enrolled them for Taekwondo classes. Since Christoph is still too young, he has a different class from his Kuya Francis, he belong to the kids taekwondo thats why his uniform is different from his brother.

But based on the photos here, you will see the moves of Christoph. He is just too excited to do all the tricks.. some naughty tricks! Such a funny boy!

While Francis, the serious one, the dreamer, still pose the same until the end of the photo shoot.. yes this is just one of my moment. Francis kept on complaining.. "Mommy, are you done? I am tired.. I want to rest.. I want to sleep". Blah blah blah..

Its time for their solo picture. Francis first. In seconds, you will see the usual reaction of Christoph.

This is Christoph, the jealous type, the crying baby. lol

But his mood changed immediately the moment I shouted its your turn..

Next schedule bonding with the kids - to watch Karate Kid in SM.

This is my first entry for All About Kids Tuesday while doing my usual rounds.


blankPixels said...

Oh my! I literally LOLd when I saw Christoph's poses. He looks like a really funny kid. Love the photos! Thanks for sharing! :)

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...seryos man kaau si kuya...ehehhehe! oh how I miss taekwondo....kihap!