Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Connect Kids to Books

My kids are really hooked with online games and PSP. They are bragging everyday to come to the office so they can play games or fight at home who plays first with the PSP.

Of course, I dont want them to grow like that so while young, its best to connect them to books and not to gadgets.

The following are every parents guidelines:

Reading and talking to this age group build knowledge about words and language they will later use in learning to talk and read. Read often with infants and toddlers, and talk about what you are reading.

Choose books with simple concepts (numbers, shapes, colors, as well as books that encourage participation). Point out book details, titles, authors and illustrators names.

Reading is a skill that has to be practiced. Research suggests that children need exposure to words between 6 and 60 times before they can memorize and read them fluently without stopping to sound out words.

9-12 YEARS
Give ongoing encouragements, surround children with a book-rich environment and expose them to a wide variety of reading materials (science fiction, mystery, nonfiction to build vocabulary and comprehension).

13-15 YEARS
Adolescent readers need parental support to maintain the reading momentum needed in preparation for standardized tests.