Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mommy Moments: Coloring With Kids

Last Sunday, we went to SM to watch The Last Airbender with the two boys. As it was a raining, the kids and I were dropped first so we wouldnt get wet. He then parked the car while us, we headed to National Bookstore to buy supplies and books.

The boys chose their favorite cartoon characters and we bought a princess coloring book for our little darling.  Francis also bought a postcard of Banaue and said that he wants to go there someday.

After watching the movie, went back home and starting coloring the books with the special participation of Alexa. This is one of my favorite mommy moments with my kids.


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Chris said...

very early post! :D

coloring is my kids favorite too :)

Anonymous said...

... ahahhahah ..
...ang cute ni alexa ..
...nag cocolor na .. :D

cheeky rose said...

lovely looking kids,

Dhemz said...

agoy pagka kugihan kau sa mga anak...ehehehe....mau pagka train...ehehehhe!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ang cute cute ng dalaga mo sis hehehe.

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Rossel said...

i agree, reading and art works are great bondings with our kids. good job, mommy and daddy!

nanaygin said...

my daughter just started nursery and is really enjoying coloring, too.

Day by Day said... kids started with coloring, now they're into drawing! even bought books on how to draw manga anime! wait what your boys (and cutie pie) ask next...hehehe!

Gizelle said...

ayy, ganun nga pag di pa marunong magbasa coloring muna, like my little boy! Enjoy din! Great time ito with the kids! Happy weekend.

kimmy said...

my kids also loved to color when they were younger. keep it up!