Friday, October 1, 2010

Cleaning Kids Closet

As I was cleaning the kids closet the other day, I saw some monkey baby clothes of Alexa. Even some of the boys clothing are still intact in one drawer. I will sort them when I am free, probably this weekend so I could give to my brother. Baeng, her wife, is currently in her second quarter of her pregnancy.

To free some space, I will also hand over now the playpen, bassinet stroller, crib and other baby toys so she will not buy anymore except the necessary ones. She would surely be happy, thats a big savings!

While I was busy cleaning, Alexa was helping me out until one of her baby screw back earrings fell off. I was searching for sometime but to no avail. I will just replace it similar to the photo shown below.

Pink is her favorite color and for sure will complement most of her pink outfit.

Isnt it beautiful? I love it for my little fashionista!