Monday, September 27, 2010

Skype on PSP

The boys got hold of a PSP a few months ago from a visitor. After that, they didnt stop bothering us to have one. Day and night.. complains complains.. at times with extra tears!

We got a package from the US with PSP 3000 inside due to heavy request from the boys. After that, we thought that they would stop. But it was a start of a long fight between the siblings. The boys would fight over the psp until such time that they would hit each other.

We,as parents, cannot stand anymore. So we asked one of our staff to look for a second hand PSP with Php 5,000 budget but in the end we just paid for Php 6,500 just to hasten the finding. Now the boys are at peace with their own unit.

Today, we are experimenting in using one of its application - Skype. And its working.. imagine this, Christoph is in the bathroom doing the number 2 while me, writing about it. yaiks! Have fun anak!