Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Swimming Party

We were invited for Caele's 1st Birthday party down South. The party started at 3:00 PM but we arrived there at around 6:30 PM as we were still waiting for the boys to arrive from school at 4:30 PM.  Even late, we still wanted to go just to show our face as we haven't met the family for quite some time already.

Obviously, we arrived when almost everyone have left the party. All okay for us as we had a blast playing with the kids. They were just given extra toys and giveaways. Thanks to Mommy Kim.

The party was a swimming party but my hubby did not inform me in the advance, we could have brought their swimming trunks and swim suit for my little princess. Anyway, the boys still went on.. in their brief of course!

Alexa wanted to join her brothers in the kiddie pool but since its late so we opted to let her play hide and seek with Ate Rose. So she was running around and playing with balloons the whole time.

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Jim said...

It looks like fun.

Unknown said...

a swimming party! heaven for kids.:p

mommy E said...

same here! My son will go gaga with the swimming pool in front of him. :)

Marites said...

looks like the kids had fun even you were late coming in for the party:) the pool looks quite inviting.

Roxxy said...

oh kids most favourite party! looks like they've enjoyed it lots! Have a good day!Hope you could visit my entry too =)