Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Mommy

Today is my 34th birthday, cant believed how old I am now. I stop counting my age when I reached 30. Now every time I am asked, I need to compute first like 2010 - 1976 = 34. Don't get me wrong, I still feel young and I am young.

My kids and hubby woke me up today with a kiss and a greetings "Happy Birthday Mommy".. so sweet to hear. But since I arrived from Korea yesterday, I felt a terrible back pain. I had it massage already from my regular massage therapist, took medication already. But still suffering my tremendous pain. I hope later when my colleagues from work come, I would feel better..

And since I am complaining hard already about my back, I will end this with a thanks to all my online friends, loyal followers and new friends for dropping by!

Thank you Lord for everything!


EnAirRaH said...

Happy Birthday Ateh, I guess we are both born in the same date..Hehehe Wish you good health and happiness!

Unknown said...

hi there! thanks for adding me.. i will add you now at my other blog

thanks, hope to read a lot of post from you...