Saturday, October 23, 2010

Having A Haircut at Davids

These photos were taken before I left for Seoul a two weeks ago. Their hair were quite long so I had to send them for haircut.

As we arrived in Davids Saloon, the staff were hesitant at first as they are too young, they claimed they only accept around 7 years of age. Maybe yes.. maybe not.. but since the other hair saloon were full, I had to convince them that they boys are civil and would behave and besides, I would just be around the corner to watch over them. They finally agreed.

Oh well, true indeed the boys were exceptionally behaved. Well done boys.

By the way, I just made this post using my Blackberry and send it via email. Wow.. I am impressed.. It works fine and fast huh!


Josie said...

Behave nmn pala ayaw magupit tenga, lol.. visiting from my new site. :D