Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Domain Name

Hello friends, hows everyone doing tonight?

Everybody seems to be occupied in the room. Hubby is watching Chinese Karate movie - Jet Li, boys are both playing PSP, Alexa is looking at pop up books while me, tinkering the blog.. hahaha as usual.

Then I browsed through the settings until I reached the stage of buying a nenew domain name.

Voila.. I finally give this blog a new name.. my kids are saying that why I kept on saying The Corsames when its only Corsame. bla blah blah from my boys so to end this discussion.. we have a new domain name. Its now officially called:


So friends, we would appreciate if you could change the link under your blogroll.

Thanks you all for listening to our stories!

Meet and greet,


mona said...

I'm planning to get my own domain, san ka kuha and how much? thanks

Tina said...

Sis got it from Blogger lang at USD 10.00 pero I think under Go Daddy sya.

Its easier to get in Blogger kasi the transition will be handled by them..

Pearl said...

let's meet on my blog too! I like your new blog name:-) following and xlinks would be done at my side after this comment is posted:-)

lina@women's perspectives said...

Congrats :)

If using coupon code, buying domain at Go Daddy is cheaper. I bought mine about $7

Josie said...

thanks Cris for visiting my new site, btw. you can change platform to WP from blogger, yes it's the same if you will buy a domain, no need to buy hosting, at godaddy they also provide free hosting if you will buy domain name there. All my sites are hosted at Bluehost, I shared it with my niece. WP kasi offers a lot of plugins than blogger before, pero blogger now is coming up with good templates and plugins also.

zoan said...

ang cute naman para lang tong 10minutes dating game, meet and greet :D tapos after 10 minutes palitan ng puwesto! ahahah wala lang :D btw, di ko pa nranasan bumili sa godaddy ahaha

mona said...

ok sis, thanks for the info =)