Saturday, October 2, 2010

Proud Parents

We received early this week the Progress Report for our 2 preschoolers along side a one and one talk with the class adviser.

When I was growing up, it was always my mother who would attend to my school activities and I disliked it so much. Though my father was always there for me, I wanted him to be part of any activities in school but somehow he doesnt like to mingle with others.

So as a mommy now, I always tag along my hubby for all activities in school except for unavoidable circumstances. Anyway, when we got the report card, we were together and both were late in the office.

The grades were pretty good. This school rated their student by:
O - Outstanding
VS - Very Satisfactory
S - Satisfactory
MS - Moderately Satisfactory
NI - Needs Improvement
ED - Experiences difficulty
ANP - Activity not presented

Most grades are in O and VS. Some of which are in S for example: Expresses ideas fluently in Filipino - S. But no MS, NI and ED.

Remarks for Francis:
Francis gets along with his classmates. He follows instructions and works independently. More exercises in cursive writing are encouraged.

Remarks for Christoph:
Christoph is a cooperative and attentive pupil.He is showing progress in his overall academic performance. Practicing the correct strokes in writing the letters will help him improve on the said skill.

We are a proud parents considering that I can not always be there for their assignments!! But thanks to Ate Beng and Ate Rose who are there for them.

Keep up the good work boys! We love you!


Josie said...

hi Cris, done adding your link to all my sites.good luck to your adventures :D