Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday and Christmas Party

I originally planned to celebrate Alexa's 2nd birthday simple celebration on December 11 (actual birthday is Dec.10) but Uncle C is probably leaving for Germany within that times so we will move it on December 4. I mean that is in 2 weeks so here I am again cramming to prepare. I have not started anything yet so here comes the budgetarian party mommy on the go!

Our company's Christmas party will also be small this year as we just had our teambuilding which cost us a lot of money. This may not be small for other companies but its big for a small company like ours. We originally planned to have a party on January when Uncle C is back from Europe. As we will celebrate Alexa's 2nd birthday with our staff kids anyway, we might as well do it simultaneously: a kiddie party in the afternoon and a mini-Christmas party for the staff and dance the night away in Cowboy Grill.

Hey, if you have any budgetarian tip for a Christmas party, post away friends. We are open for any suggestion.

I know a lot of you are in the mood for party. Same with us. But time is hard so we must adjust our celebration. Lets not all forget the real spirit of Christmas.

Advance happy birthday my little dolly Alexa. Now back to party planning, got any tipid tips? Let me know..