Thursday, November 4, 2010

Insurance Endowment Benefits

I received the statement for the Insurance Policy for my 2 sons. I purchased a Life Insurance for the two boys 4 years ago at the height of the CAP educational plan controversy.

Time flies so fast that after religiously paying for 4 years, we are now entitled to receive an endowment benefits for Php 30,000 per plan. Whew. Thats cold cash indeed! I wanted to get it to buy but hubby prefers to leave it there. This is also the advise of our Sunlife agent to earn dividends and who knows what. Honestly, I still dont get the full picture of this plan. One thing is certain, I have something to pluck when the going gets tough!

I was thinking also to buy Alexa her own. But with financial situation now, too difficult! Life is hard you know! I will rely for her brothers to pay when its time for her to go college. So Francis and Christoph - nothing is for free in life! hahaha.. Alexa's college will be your turn to pay! lol



Chris said...

this is a good move... :) good investment!