Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Party Theme

Its party planning time again for me. My daughter Alexa will turn 2 years old on December 10 but since it falls on a week day, we will celebrate on a Saturday afternoon.

The first and the most important in party planning is the party theme. For first birthday party, its always the big siblings or the parents who will decide for the theme. But for toddler and preschooler, they already know what they want. No matter how I convinced them for my choice, they always win. Oh well, its their party after all. For now, I can only suggest but the final decision is not mine.. anymore!

So as early as now, I already have a line up for the theme for their party:

Alexa's 2nd birthday : December 10, 2010 - Dora
Francis's 7th birthday: February 17,2 010 - Transformer
Christoph's 6th birthday: June 30, 2010 - Hot Wheels

For Alexa is simple, she simply loves Dora! She loves that everytime she sees Dora, her smile is up and jumping in joy!

For Francis, as it is his 7th birthday and he wanted a Jollibee party - so Jollibee it is! Even if he is too old for that.. lol. And as usual, there is not much choice in fastfood chain for theme. So its either Justice League or Transformer, he had already a Justice League theme party in Jollibee when he was 4 years old. So scrap the Superman issue.

For Christoph, he wanted Cars this time but I wanted a slight difference as CARS is already too common. So Hotwheels it is.

Now, its my duty to buy the party materials and book some suppliers. I still prefer to plan on my own.. I am a budgetarian after all.

But hey, you can help me too! The next time you see a sale about any of the theme mentioned.. just buzz me please.



Josie said...

haha, buti yun di ka na mag-iisip ng kahit anong theme. :)

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