Friday, December 31, 2010

Back in Cavite

The kids are happy to be back at home. As soon as we arrived, Christoph took his bike and drove to his friends house. Then all the kids went out and were playing for an hour or so. While Francis was watching them in the window eating chocolates and whining that he is so tired. He then opened the TV and happy to see Madagascar: Escape to Afraica on HBO. He didnt stop laughing since then.

Now, they are all asleep and I am free to bloghop! Later, I have to buy 13 fruits and other foods for Media Noche.

Happy New Year!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Dance

Christmas is all about kids. And kids all about gift. I bet it rings a bell. I am sure everyone will agree to me as we all experienced this when we were young.

In a year, we only long for 2 events. First is  our birthday and second is  Christmas. Why? Because its all about gifts we received.

How about your kids? What gifts did they received this Christmas?

My kids had their Christmas party last December 15. Francis brought Pancit Palabok while Christoph a box of Dunkin Donuts. They then shared their food after the games initiated by their teachers.

Both of my boys are pretty good dancers. It just shows that they really are my kids.. hahahah. Make no mistake, Daddy is a very good dancer as well. That means, we are just passing our hidden talents to our kids. lol

Francis dancing with his classmates:

Christoph did his part. My kids are a born dancer, I mean both their parents are good dancers so  we just passed our hidden talents. hehe

It was a pity though that I wasnt able to watch their respective dance number.  Mommy and Daddy were both absent, we were busy in the office as it was also our last week of work.  I know I get a  lot of complains from them  but  in due time, they will understand me / us.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snake Snake!!

The other night was a special night for the boys. Everybody was busy for something, one to find the sword, the other the flashlight, some sticks. They were all excited at the same time scared of a small snake hiding beneath the rock.

Their big brother, Kuyang Plong, took Papa's (grandfather) sword and killed the snake. As it was quite dark already, Popoy held the flashlight to give way to Kuya Plong. But when taking the picture, they were all scared to even come come closer to the snake


Well done Kuya Plong!

It was really something for the kids, though they saw snakes from the zoo before, but its their first time to see wild snakes.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Riding on ATV

While we were busy preparing and cooking for hubby's birthday, the kids were riding on an ATV. As a mommytographer, I cant help but let the camera do its purpose when Francis was on it and riding like a pro! Good that Kuya EJ was with him. :)

We have 2 ATVs in Cavite but unfortunately just stored in the warehouse as we dont have a place to drive it safely. We used these often when we were still living in Ayala Alabang.



Happy Birthday Daddy Don

Happy happy birthday to the most handsome guy in the whole wide world, the father of my 3 kids, my partner in life!

Thanks God for all the blessings and for giving us the best daddy and hubby!


This photo was taken at Malatapay Market  to buy pig and goat  for his birthday. What about this cow? You guess..

 I will post more photos of the place and his birthday preparation and celebration within the next few days.

PS. this post is one day old but its okay, after all, I am the first one who greeted him Happy Birthday. Love you Be.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Camera Critters: Chicken

We arrived here in Dumaguete last December 19 and since then, the boys everyday wake up at around 6:00 AM just to feed the chicken. They made that their chore everyday.

The boys feeding the chickens with rice:

The boys find joy to be close with animals although they are afraid to come near them. But I appreciate that they find ways to slowly getting in contact with other creatures. But I know for a fact that they are a natural animal lovers.

Camera Critters


Kids Christmas Party

The kids organized a Christmas party for themselves with the help of the mommies. We planned to have a simple exchange gifts for kids but ended up with parlor games and a mini-disco session with the kids.

Mommy Marilyn organized what kinds of games to play and Mommy Ann for the exchange gifts. But I was surprised to see Francis actually doing the hosting and giving instructions for the games. WOW!! I was really proud looking at him, listening to his instructions, and turning on/off the sound system for the stop dance.

Francis checking the gifts for exchange gifts:

The boys in their special dance:

The kids playing Trip to Jerusalem while Francis was watching and holding the remote for the sound system.

Christoph with cousin Ceana after their play, was resting for a while at the bench.

Francis with Kuya EJ playing kalamansi dance. Its a dance where you put a kalamansi within your face and you dance while keeping it in place. You lose once the kalamansi fall down.

Ate Sehl Ann and a friend playing kalamansi dance (while eating lollipop?) lol

The grandparents but the kids call them Papa and Mama watching happily their grandchildren playing their antics.

And me? As usual, the photographer of the night. Thats my role in almost all occassions.

mommy moments


Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!

Dont forget the reason of the season. Lets continue to share our blessings all throughout the year.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ocean Park Part 1

As promised, these are some photos taken at Ocean Park last December 10, 2010.

That was the second visit of the boys but still was an enjoyable visit as they came with their teachers and classmates and of course with me.

The shark fish tank is where the boys stayed most of the time. We were on a different class but we were together when it was time for the shark.

While we were inside, it was my great pleasure of taking this photograph while they were talking about sharks. I was like, wow, my kids have grown up real smart! They were both crazy over sharks. I guess all boys are!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Camera Critters: Turtle

The boys went to Ocean Park last December 10, 2010 for their school's field trip. This turle is one of the best shot I took. I dont know why somehow most of my photos were blurry. I have to practice to tinker this camera more.

Camera Critters


Instant Korean Noodles

Still in Dumaguete munching on local delicacies but unfortunately, I forgot to bring the card reader so I could not transfer the photos yet. I will probably go to Robinson later and buy it. I hope CDR King is here though, anyway I am sure other computer store also offers that.

I will feature today one of our instant meal at home. A Korean spicy noodle topped with German sausage. Korean noodles are becoming popular in the Philippines, we loved the red color noodles, I just forget the brand. Anyway, its a nice combination of spicy noodles with sliced sausage.

My entry for Food Trip Friday and Yummy Sunday.


Monday, December 20, 2010

First Day in Dumaguete

Good morning bloggerverse! We landed in Dumaguete safely. We left Bacoor at 4:30 AM for our 7:00 AM flight. Hubby deposited his firearms at the PNP booth. After we checked in, paid the Php 200.00 airport fee, we then realized that one of the bag containing the laptop, netbook and cables was missing. We called home and indeed the bag was just there where we left it. Holy smoke.. Good that the driver was not too far yet, so he hurriedly went home and the rest is history. Thanks for the quick fix otherwise I will not be blogging from here.

We occupied the whole lane of seats in 20. I sat with my 2 boys while hubby and Alexa with Ate Beng on the other side. I was surprised that Christoph was quite relax this time. He used to be very afraid but Alexa was uneasy. She kept on moving from her yaya, to hubby and to me. Good enough that she was able to sleep after a couple of minutes.

We had a busy day yesterday. We arrived at my hubby's house at 8:30 AM and had a heavy breakfast. After a while, we went to the beach. Whew.. the kids had a blast on their first day.

Today, while I am blogging from our room, the kids are again in the beach. I have my peace here blogging to my hearts desire. lol


Friday, December 10, 2010

Alexa 2nd Birthday Party

First of all, I would like to greet my baby Alexa who just turned 2 today December 10. We celebrated her birthday on December 4, a week before her actual birthday due to some earlier bookings.

I planned earlier that there will be no party for Alexa, perhaps just a get together in the canteen and a blowing of cake. But it ended to have a party with not much preparation. I could no longer order any giveaways due to limited time, I also dont have the nerves to go to Divisoria now since its really packed for Christmas. Luckily, in one of my visit to our store in Mandaluyong, i found this glittery paper bag at Php 10.00 each. Then asked our artist John to plot some stickers and stick it in the bag. Now its looks personalized.

I normally buy such prizes in staggered but every time I reached home, the boys would sneak some toys and hid it from me. Once opened, I can only complain but not really mad. Thats my boys, I guess your kids would do the same.

For party decor, we used our own products which is vinyl stickers for our backdrop. We didnt have so much time so we opted for a much simpler and smaller design. Now this backdrop is displayed in the warehouse to showcase the different layering of matt and gloss stickers which gives a reflective effect.

As an added activities for kids, I got a package for the clown and face painting for an incredibly low price of Php 2,000. I originally requested for a clown named Jason but his brother came instead. Jason was the clown in Alexa's 1st birthday. They also showed their so called magic tricks but then again, not as good as the older brother. Anyway, still acceptable, I am not so fussy with host as long as the clown can entertain the guest.

The moment Alexa arrived in the warehouse, she was offered an ice cream, which I got for Php 1,000. Yum yum she uttered! I also got some pop corn which is also Php 1,000.

This time, I just ordered a simple cake from Rhians (not so sure about the name), its a store in RFC Molino. Price per cupcake is only Php 15.00 and cake for Php 500.00 plus Php 500.00 refundable deposit for the cupcake tower. For cake alone, I spent only Php 1,450, not bad!

The beautiful and colorful cupcakes, though its cheap, the taste and the appearance looks expensive. Try it if you happen to be near Cavite.

Here comes the blowing of the cake. The party lasted until around 6:30 PM.

Allow me to introduce my family : THE CORSAMES

Meet the boys:

Greet the girls:

Thanks to the whole staff of Stickerworld for making Alexa's 2nd birthday party a success!!

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