Friday, December 10, 2010

Alexa 2nd Birthday Party

First of all, I would like to greet my baby Alexa who just turned 2 today December 10. We celebrated her birthday on December 4, a week before her actual birthday due to some earlier bookings.

I planned earlier that there will be no party for Alexa, perhaps just a get together in the canteen and a blowing of cake. But it ended to have a party with not much preparation. I could no longer order any giveaways due to limited time, I also dont have the nerves to go to Divisoria now since its really packed for Christmas. Luckily, in one of my visit to our store in Mandaluyong, i found this glittery paper bag at Php 10.00 each. Then asked our artist John to plot some stickers and stick it in the bag. Now its looks personalized.

I normally buy such prizes in staggered but every time I reached home, the boys would sneak some toys and hid it from me. Once opened, I can only complain but not really mad. Thats my boys, I guess your kids would do the same.

For party decor, we used our own products which is vinyl stickers for our backdrop. We didnt have so much time so we opted for a much simpler and smaller design. Now this backdrop is displayed in the warehouse to showcase the different layering of matt and gloss stickers which gives a reflective effect.

As an added activities for kids, I got a package for the clown and face painting for an incredibly low price of Php 2,000. I originally requested for a clown named Jason but his brother came instead. Jason was the clown in Alexa's 1st birthday. They also showed their so called magic tricks but then again, not as good as the older brother. Anyway, still acceptable, I am not so fussy with host as long as the clown can entertain the guest.

The moment Alexa arrived in the warehouse, she was offered an ice cream, which I got for Php 1,000. Yum yum she uttered! I also got some pop corn which is also Php 1,000.

This time, I just ordered a simple cake from Rhians (not so sure about the name), its a store in RFC Molino. Price per cupcake is only Php 15.00 and cake for Php 500.00 plus Php 500.00 refundable deposit for the cupcake tower. For cake alone, I spent only Php 1,450, not bad!

The beautiful and colorful cupcakes, though its cheap, the taste and the appearance looks expensive. Try it if you happen to be near Cavite.

Here comes the blowing of the cake. The party lasted until around 6:30 PM.

Allow me to introduce my family : THE CORSAMES

Meet the boys:

Greet the girls:

Thanks to the whole staff of Stickerworld for making Alexa's 2nd birthday party a success!!

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Grace said...

Happy 2nd birthday to your kid, Tina:)

Elvie said...

Happy birthday! the party looks awesome and fabulous.

by the way, followed you in GFC, hope you could follow back. :)

kim said...

oh, hello there! happy birthday!

carinamodella said...

great party! happy birthday to your little girl :)

Mona said...

happy birthday, indeed a great party!

warr_shee said...

happy birthday alexa, your cakes look so yummyuples

Chubskulit Rose said...

Happy birthday, bongga ang party hehehe,.

My rock star and Me

AdinB said...

What a great party! Happy Birthday to your precious little princess!

Adin B

Mama Mia said...

Such a beautiful party you managed to throw! Belated Happy Birthday, Alexa!

Janet Rose said...

Cute little girl and great party!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

For not planning the party, it turned out great!

Dhemz said...

awww...super bongga man diay ang celebration sa imong hunica hija te....I love your bizniz....:)

lina@happy family said...

Happy birthday to Alexa...

Karen Chayne said...

wow! ka bonggacious kaayo ang birthday party sa imong mini me sis! :)