Monday, December 20, 2010

First Day in Dumaguete

Good morning bloggerverse! We landed in Dumaguete safely. We left Bacoor at 4:30 AM for our 7:00 AM flight. Hubby deposited his firearms at the PNP booth. After we checked in, paid the Php 200.00 airport fee, we then realized that one of the bag containing the laptop, netbook and cables was missing. We called home and indeed the bag was just there where we left it. Holy smoke.. Good that the driver was not too far yet, so he hurriedly went home and the rest is history. Thanks for the quick fix otherwise I will not be blogging from here.

We occupied the whole lane of seats in 20. I sat with my 2 boys while hubby and Alexa with Ate Beng on the other side. I was surprised that Christoph was quite relax this time. He used to be very afraid but Alexa was uneasy. She kept on moving from her yaya, to hubby and to me. Good enough that she was able to sleep after a couple of minutes.

We had a busy day yesterday. We arrived at my hubby's house at 8:30 AM and had a heavy breakfast. After a while, we went to the beach. Whew.. the kids had a blast on their first day.

Today, while I am blogging from our room, the kids are again in the beach. I have my peace here blogging to my hearts desire. lol