Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy Don

Happy happy birthday to the most handsome guy in the whole wide world, the father of my 3 kids, my partner in life!

Thanks God for all the blessings and for giving us the best daddy and hubby!


This photo was taken at Malatapay Market  to buy pig and goat  for his birthday. What about this cow? You guess..

 I will post more photos of the place and his birthday preparation and celebration within the next few days.

PS. this post is one day old but its okay, after all, I am the first one who greeted him Happy Birthday. Love you Be.



Dhemz said... sweet! happy birthday sa imong palalab mami...hehhehe!

out hubby both celebrated their birthday on the same month...tpaos parehas pod ug month atong anniversary....:)