Saturday, December 25, 2010

Kids Christmas Party

The kids organized a Christmas party for themselves with the help of the mommies. We planned to have a simple exchange gifts for kids but ended up with parlor games and a mini-disco session with the kids.

Mommy Marilyn organized what kinds of games to play and Mommy Ann for the exchange gifts. But I was surprised to see Francis actually doing the hosting and giving instructions for the games. WOW!! I was really proud looking at him, listening to his instructions, and turning on/off the sound system for the stop dance.

Francis checking the gifts for exchange gifts:

The boys in their special dance:

The kids playing Trip to Jerusalem while Francis was watching and holding the remote for the sound system.

Christoph with cousin Ceana after their play, was resting for a while at the bench.

Francis with Kuya EJ playing kalamansi dance. Its a dance where you put a kalamansi within your face and you dance while keeping it in place. You lose once the kalamansi fall down.

Ate Sehl Ann and a friend playing kalamansi dance (while eating lollipop?) lol

The grandparents but the kids call them Papa and Mama watching happily their grandchildren playing their antics.

And me? As usual, the photographer of the night. Thats my role in almost all occassions.

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MaiThreeBoyz said...

Haha, kakatuwa ang Christmas dance! Happy Holidays!

Dhemz said...

permi lang jud d makit-an ang beauty kay maniniyot...ehehehe...ka bibo sa party!

Chris said...

wow :) looks like loads of fun :)

happy new year in advance!