Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pretty Little Strawberry

Here comes the darling of the family, the princess, the Barbie, the pretty little strawberry. :)

Attending A Costume Party

The kid were invited last December 11 to attend our neighbors son, my kids
friend. The birthday theme is a Cosplay and wearing a costume is required.
Luckily, the old Superman, Batman and Strawberry costumes still fit my kids.
These were their costume on last year's Halloween. We were not able to
attend any this year since we were in Singapore that time.

Alexa's 3rd Birthday "Barbie" Cake

On December 10, 2010, we had a simple family celebration for our little princess. I purchased a personalized fondant cake from Project Happiness Bakehouse, a fellow PMC Mom whom I met during our second Grand EB. She is based in Bacoor, Cavite.

I ordered a Barbie inspired cake in Fairy Secret Movie.  I was surprised to see her creative creations / artwork. The taste  is just right, not too sweet ! And most importantly, cheaper compared to other fondant cake supplier in Cavite.

These cupcakes with topper is posted in her Facebook account, so to match with the Barbie themed cake, I also ordered for these cupcakes with bags and shoes.

Look at this pretty "Barbie" birthday girl? Ain't she pretty? Of course she is! She is my daughter!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Compare Car Insurance Quotes Without The Hassle

Buying insurance is a lot different than it used to be with the availability if the Internet.  No one needs to go traipsing all over town or sit with a telephone book making multiple phone calls to comparison shop.  If you compare car insurance quotes online, then you start saving money in gas and phone charges before you ever buy an insurance policy.

If you’ve Never Comparison Shopped For Insurance it's Not Too Late
It doesn’t matter if you have auto insurance already or are looking to make sure you are getting the best rates available the Internet is a twenty-four hour resource center.  You can save a substantial amount of money by taking advantage of some of the comparison shopping web sites and you never have to say a word to anyone.

Words of Wisdom before You Start Auto Insurance Shopping
You can get quotes from individual insurance companies online, but a comparison-shopping site that provides multiple quotes are the most hassle free option.  No reputable web site will ask for any upfront financial information.  If you receive a request to provide it early in the process, go to another web site.

Even if you’re tempted to lie to get better insurance rates, don’t.  The probability that it will come back to haunt you is almost certain if you ever need to file a claim.  It’s likely that the insurance company will not pay claims if you give false information, the insurance company will probably cancel your policy and you may find it almost impossible to get insurance in the future.

Information the Comparison Site May Need for an Accurate Quote
Now that we’ve cleared up the temptation to be less than honest, locate a comparison web site to use and be prepared to provide the information they need.  Supply personal information such as name, address, phone number, marital status, and age.  Provide your driving history including the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Some web sites may request an auto insurance record listing the policies you’ve had and claims that you've filed.

Now they are going to need your auto information including the registration number, make, model, and miles on the odometer. Some will ask how the car is used and how many miles it is driven and if you park it inside or out.  Some will request that you provide a rough estimate of what your vehicle is worth, which is easy to find on the Internet.  The more information that you provide the more accurate the quotes are going to be.

How to Make Sure You Get True Comparison Quotes
Make sure that all insurance companies giving you a quote using exactly same information.  Ensure that the coverage you request from each one is the same, and that any applicable deductibles are the same amount.  Otherwise, the quotes are not comparable.  After you have filled in all the blanks, sit back and watch the quotes roll in.  Choose the coverage that is right for you, read the fine print and save money and avoid the hassle of shopping the old-fashioned way.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Alexa's Handwriting

Alexa visited me in the office yesterday. So as not to disturb me from my work, I gave her a pen and a piece of scratch paper.

She wrote straight line and sleepy line uttering the words while writing. I was amused.

But still, she can't get enough of what she was doing, she still had to interrupt me a couple of times.

Preparation for Bilingual Education

Submitted on behalf of Primrose Schools: preschool education and early child care services by Emily Patterson (@epatt1062)
 Every parent wants their child to have the best education to prepare them for the future and to become a successful adult. One of the things that parents look at and should consider is what it will take to prepare their child for the work world of the future and this future is almost guaranteed to be one that is highly competitive. While much of education today is geared toward holistic learning and inclusive teaching, competition among students, and ultimately competing workers, remains fierce. With a culture that is quickly becoming universally bilingual, integrating bilingual learning into early childhood education cannot be anything but an edge up for your child.

Bilingual Trends

As the world has become smaller and is in the process of becoming a truly global society and economy, the future is certain to continue to move toward bilingual communication skills. In the United States alone, a wide variety of diverse cultures and languages are represented, including Mexican, Russian, Mandarin, Vietnamese and countries from all continents and around the world. The fact that the United States is a country that has included and welcomed such a wide variety of immigrants has resulted in large bilingual language centers around the country.

As global economics continues to shift, knowledge of languages such as Mandarin, Hindi and others from around the world will continue to also grow in importance. The ability to speak at least one and even more languages will serve your child well as they develop into a successful adult.

Preparation for Bilingual Education

Historically, learning a second language has begun during middle or high school for students in the United States. However, recent research indicates that learning a second language can be much more effective when it is started early in a child’s education. It has been found that the best time for a child to learn a second or third language is when the language centers of their brain are developing and they are attaining and acquiring their first language. While it is possible to learn additional languages when a child is older or even when they are an adult, the easiest and most natural time for a child to become multilingual is during the early years of language development before the “window of opportunity” for language development closes.

Researchers at McGill University in Montreal state very clearly that children learn two or three languages very easily at a young age. Throughout the world, educators have known this to be true, especially in countries with multiple official languages and where the culture is multilingual.

Children learn best in an environment where the second language is spoken constantly and they are immersed in it. Children who live in families or cultures where multiple languages are spoken automatically pick up the language skills with little effort on their part. To them it is a natural process and as automatic as learning language in general. Even as adults, one of the best ways to learn a second language is in a total immersion language program, although the process is harder as an adult than it is for a young child.

If you want your child to have an edge for success in the future, one of the ways to accomplish this is to enroll him or her in a early childhood or preschool education program that offers language immersion programs.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Francis in Science Center

In the Science Center Singapore, this is the most interesting for the kids. It is sort of a table with mirrors. The person will go at the back side of this structure and the child stands straight in the middle of the table making your head as one yummy servings.

This is the most popular attraction here.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Science Center Singapore

This is one of the best in Science Center Singapore.. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Intramuros Part 2

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Kids Visited Intramuros

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Adorable and Beneficial Fijit Friends

It is but normal for a child to play. Aside from having fun, playing has always been part of children’s learning and growing. It is through play that kids learn to cope and express their feelings. Of course, toys are mostly present in every play. Toys stimulate your kids’ imaginations and creativity thus helping them to develop socially and intellectually. That’s the reason why choosing the right toys for your kids is important.

Over the years, toys have changed with the advancement of the technology. They now come in various types, sizes and shapes and are made in different materials. Some toys remain simple while there are also others that have become more complicated with different features and effects.

Among the toys in the market nowadays, the Fijit Friends from the Fijit Shop attracted me the most. They’re interactive, colorful, so cute and cuddly! I’m sure they’ll be adored and loved by the kids of all age groups. Aside from talking and telling jokes, they can also play their own music and dance! Therefore, they do not just amuse your kids and help them learn new concepts; through the music and dancing, they also help your children’s development of body awareness, movement and coordination. They’re definitely the best gifts for your kids this Christmas so hurry up and buy now!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pinocchio: A Live Marionette Musical

It's Christoph field trip today and now, we are on our second stop after the Sea Lion Show at Ocean Park. We are currently at St. Scholastica for the Pinocchio Show.

While waiting for the show, although camera with flash is not allowed, we still can't resist the temptation of taking some photos, anyway the show hasn't started yet.

After the show, we will proceed to our last and final stop : The Touch of Aura inside the Boom na Boom.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dentist Is In

Sunday today and instead of staying at home, why not visit our dentist and have the kids teeth check and possibly for extraction. Good luck boys!
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Dental Check Up

The two boys needs to go for dental check up soon. I have been planning for ages I know, but this time around, really have to fulfill it even if I have to drag the kids. lol

I am quite happy that I finally found a good pediatric dentist in SM Bacoor. It's a little pricey but it's worth it!

Consider this coming weekend - a dental check-up day!

A Cup of Coffee

Time flies so fast, its now September and in a few days, we will start to hear Christmas songs and carols. Are you excited? My kids are for sure!

But this month, I have to focus on school requirements, I need to pay the quarterly tuition for my two kids. Education is still the only legacy we can give to our kids. Land properties, buildings, houses, cars and other investment, if not manage well and if the dollar depreciation - one cannot tell what the future holds for these kinds of investment. Don't get me wrong, we also don't have these for now. But who knows? We simply cannot tell! I am checking on bonds tips and penny stock tips.

A stock broker is actually inviting me for a cup of coffee, should I give in? Do I have the funds now to invest? I guess I have to check first on the stock market. Thinking about it now, makes me crave for a cup of black coffee.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our Darling Pet

This is our pet, a Jack Russel breed whom we fondly call "Cherry".

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Girlfriend's Pink Bicycle

Alexa has her own bicyle, the small one fit for tiny girl. But she loves to ride in Ate Nikko's pink bicycle. It is scary to see them riding but don't worry, this is just for picture taking.


This is my entry for Pink Friday and Pink Saturday. Happy Pink Weekend to everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventurous Thoughts

My cousin Tzad, is now officially blogging at Adventurous Thoughts. Welcome to the blogging world Cuz!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pink Netbook For A Little Pink Lady

With my busy schedules at work and at home, I dont have time to go out to shop for things except for groceries - of course, I have to replenish the little sari-sari store of my kids.

I actually prefer not to go out on malls as otherwise my weekly budget wont be enough. So I opted for online shopping instead. Here is my latest purchase from eBay:

A pink netbook for the little pink lady. Without knowing whats inside, the moment she saw the pink wrapping, she immediatel grabbed it.

The boys opened it and checking how to turn it on. Of course, they didnt know yet how modern this netbook is. They soon realized that they need 3 AA batteries to make this work.

Alexa proud posed with a cheers sign.

Finally, the girl is working on her lappy.

The boys complained. Why always Alexa? Why no toys for us?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Disney Princess Pink Beanbag

Its Pink Friday once again. Whew, today is already Sunday but the linky love is still open so I still have a chance to post this newly purchased Disney Princess in Pink Beanbag.

I went to SM to buy the painting materials for the kids. Then I remembered that we were given an invitation of our previous neighbor in Meadowood. So I bought a remote controlled cars on sale for Php 599.00 but it used be Php 1,200. I got it for 50% off!

I was then told that once I purchased a toy worth Php 500.00 - I can already buy the beanbag for Php 199.00 and seeing a pink color beanbag - how can I resist? Especially that I have a daughter who loves pink!

If you want to join this Pink Meme every Friday, click the badge!

The Golden Retriever "Cindy"

This is the first dog that daddy bought for us. But since we stayed in a
condo before, so we left Cindy in the warehouse for Lolo Boy to take care
to. We visit her every now and then.

He is in the cage but play outside every afternoon.

Construction Assistant

We have a construction worker in the house. He likes to tinker his bike
using daddy's pliers and others. This time, he is helping Tito Boyet on the
renovation of Pink Mango Canteen restroom.

Wanna help him?

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Sick Child Still Goes to School

Christoph, who self proclaimed as Popoy, is currently sick. He has a high fever since yesterday. Last night, I cuddled him tight to pacify him. He loves to cuddle with me but I don't like it so much. But last night, I was extra special to him.

This morning, he cried as he cant hardly stand up and walk. I told him to rest for today but refused. He still went to school, he wanted to take a bath with a lukewarm water but we didn't let him.

I hope he will be okay in school, its okay sending him like that as long as its his decision. After all, they have a school nurse and would advise us if the child is really sick.

I am proud of him!

Superman Wannabe Turns Businessman

As early as now, my kids have been dreaming of being a superheroes. Yes they are addicted to movies and shows with hero-save-mankind concept. Its perhaps the impact of massive advertisement both in television and in print ads.

For my eldest, apart from being a Superman fanatic, he has shown enthusiasm in the business world. He is currently running his little store at home. I spent around Php 3,000 every week for his stocks so he can practice what business is really about. I would buy in bulk and he is incharge in filing, arranging and putting into compartments.

I hope someday that he can continue the business that we have started. Of course, thats always the plan - pass on the business to its new generation. If I am still alive by then, I hope I am, I would train him more in the accounting and finance side of the business because that is where I am not so familiar with. I am not so keen on these figures like tax extension, I am more in Sales.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting a Life Insurance Quotes

Just the other day, my insurance broker sent me an sms if I am interested in getting an educational plan or life insurance for my little girl. I have been thinking about that for quite some time already. But after careful thought and a discussion with hubby, we decided that if we have extra money to spend, we will get a life insurance quotes first from different sources. You see there are various types of insurance, so it is best to compare which company offers the most covered offerings at a cheaper price.

We also discussed to check burial insurance at I know this subject is not so nice but we have to face the realities of life. Everybody dies and preparing for it is better than leaving our love ones unprepared.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kids Reading Time

We are already in bed and as usual the kids tagged along with them their favorite story books.

I was surprised to see them sitting in bed in this seating arrangement. Everyone are busy reading aloud so I can hear the words if they read and pronounce it right Except for Alexa of course as she reads in her own language.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Momay In The House

Mommy and Alexa like to spend time together, having their nails done together. Ate Weng for mommy and Ate Beng for Alexa.

Alexa loves to comb mommy's hair. She loves to open her bag, tinker on the wallet, check the make up pouch, and try it on.

She loves to put make up on mommy too. Below is her masterpiece:

Nope, she is not a momay - she is our mommy. Although she looks momay here!

Alexa calls a momo / ghost as momay. Thats what we tell her when we want to get her attention.

The Angry Girl

Our little sister has an attitude now. When she is angry, this is how she look:

She was furious when mommy doesn't want to lend her the cellphone. Mommy saw the reactions of her little darling and she took her a photo. Now Alexa likes to look at it every day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camera Critters: Tito Bong and the Snake

Its time for Camera Critters. Its been sometime that we were not able to join this weekly meme.

This week, our entry is our uncle whom we fondly call Tito Bong. We received this photo by email to show to us that he is holding a snake.

Are you up to joining this weekly meme? Click the badge below for the mechanics. See you around!

Camera Critters