Friday, January 21, 2011

Kids Bedroom Makeover

Hubby went out last night to attend a birthday party of a another gun club member. I was so tired from work that the moment I arrived home, I requested for my dinner in the room and texted Marissa from Hello Massage to come at 8:00 PM. After I took a shower, I was in the bed lying down while watching TV Patrol.

Then I noticed that the paint of the walls are already getting pale and of course dirty. There are so many writings on the walls, writings of different strokes. Obviously I know who the culprit is or are oh what? All of them?

Oh well, whoever did it, will get a big spanking in the butt!!! Lol.. But kidding aside, yes I want a makeover. Probably a new paint or just a wall art will do the trick. Paint will surely cost more than stickers, of course stickers are free of charge as I can just get in the warehouse. So what do you think? Think think think.. such a difficult decision to make.. lol

Okay final decision, I need a new wall art design for the kids wall. At the moment, its decorated by different shapes in 3 colors: light pink, mint green and light blue like the color combination as shown in the photo taken from the net.

Another alternative is to mount stickers in this format.  Do you like it? Maybe use a different color combination although Christoph will surely love this as red is his favorite color. But what about Francis for blue and Alexa for pink. I also need to consider their favorites.

Next alternative is something like this. I think it looks fabulous! I love this!

Or a similar concept such as this. Again, made of stickers and directly mounted on the wall. Its removable, transferable and has no residue on the wall.

I will make a few more rounds, more research and once I found the most suitable concept, I will be posting it here.  Hey, if you know a good design of whatever purpose, leave a comment here and will get back to you.