Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan

Lets welcome the New Year with a new meme called Weekend Blog Follower Caravan conceptualized by Mommy Rubz with the help of some Pinay Mommy Bloggers.

If you are a newbie blogger or a pro, this is our chance to gain more followers and improve our traffic. So what are you waiting for?



☆Mama Ko☆ said...

followed your blog here mommy tins, nya na add na sd nku sa akong duha ka blog.

btw, ang header sa akong pursuit si umma nag himu atua, wala koy talent aning design sa blog taman rako sa kaon hehehehe.

dothy said...

Hi, I've followed you from WBFC. Happy New Year!

Hope you can follow my blog too.

Princess Wannabe

seth said...

followed you from WBFC..

busy mommy me


New Follower from WBFC!! ^_^

Pinay Mommy Online

Lulu Post said...

Following from the caravan...

In case you haven't followed my blog yet,

Please follow me here:
Daily Snippets
Beauty, Fashions, & Finds

Trish said...

Following your kids blog now, sis and grabbed their badge, too. :)

Ellen Joy said...

Hi! Am a new follower from WBFC. I hope you can follow back on my blogs joining the caravan too:

Bloggityboop and Mommy's Infodose

Happy New Year!

Benilda said...

Hello! I've followed you here from WBFC. Hope you could follow by blog too. Thanks! :)

Here's my blog Contest Buff

jared's mum said...

followed you thru wbfc!happy monday:)