Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Personalized Birthday Invitation

Day by day, my son kept on pestering me for his birthday invitation to give to his classmates. He counted his classmates and came back with me with figures : 15 classmates plus teachers.

I told our graphic artist to prepare a personalized Transformer with Optimus Prime. He printed it on a waterbased vinyl sticker with laminating film to give a glossy look. Nice and perfect!

Francis Invites:

He printed 2 copies initially just to stop the complaint I am getting from the celebrant. But the moment I arrived home and showed the kids the invites - I was in a bigger problem! Christoph was complaining why he is not in the invitation. Huh? I was like hey, its not your birthday Christoph.. bla bla bla.. as usual some crying sessions with him.. So to make the story short.. John created another invitation for his classmates and friends. He just added Alexa in the pic as she might raise some issues.. lol..

Christoph + Alexa version:

How about my version? and daddy too.. lol..


♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

that's nice!
alam mo ba when we're at my sis's place in Cavite,I spent countless of lunchdate there with my boys at Jollibee Molino,lol!

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Mama Mia said...

Galing! I'm really impressed! Your kids are very lucky to have you for a mom. Biruin mo...Mommy na, Personal Party Coordinator pa! :)

jared's mum said...

love your transformer invite mommy, very cool!

yep i was at parentin.tv's last sunday, i saw a bunch of other pmb members kaya lang was too shy to approach you guyst...i might go to the grand eb to meet everyone in person, can't wait^^

Jheng Ingua said...

Cool invitation. This reminds me to double time and make one for my boy's party this April.

BTW, i'm from Cavite too :D