Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Summer Activities for Kids

Its summer time and fun time for kids. Their school farewell party is on March 24 and the graduation rites for my eldest is on April 2. After that, its holiday and I am already looking for summer activities for them.

Last year, they enrolled in taekwondo classes and hiphop dance. But this time, Francis said he doesnt like taekwondo anymore, he prefers swimming class. While Christoph still wants taekwondo like his friend stephen joseph. I could still remember how the boys enjoyed their taekwondo class and although the school is airconditioned and clean, they were so tired and dirty that when they come home and upon unloading their stuff, the dirty clothes were thrown directly at the laundry bag. Taekwondo helps them develop discipline, build their confidence, enhance their self esteem, teach them self defense,and gain more friends.

There are so much activities in store for them in school this summer vacation. They just have to choose what they really want and whatever it is, as parents, will just follow and support them. It is for this reason that I want to move closer to their school so I dont have to worry on their transport everyday.

The school now offers taekwondo class, ballet dance class for girls, basketball, soccer, painting, swimming, piano lesson, and the latest offer is landscaping organized by Dallas landscaping company. If I will choose for them, I will enroll them for 2 classes each. I want Francis to enroll in swimming and landscaping while Christoph for taekwondo and landscaping. I want the boys to learn about earth, plants, flowers, rocks, gardening and oh yes landcaping. Its something they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Then maybe we move to our own house, we can hire our boys to do our garden. That would be something! :)

I have to prepare our things now this Saturday summer getaway. We will celebrate Uncle C's birthday at Circle Island Resort in Molino. Its the start of our summer activities. Who wants to come?