Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Affordable Swimwear At Surplus Shop

Last week, we visited our sister company in Mandaluyong to check the ongoing renovation there. After the initial meeting, the company driver picked us up and while we were on the way back, I saw a surplus shop along Libertad that displays bathing suits on the racks. Since it was lunch time anyway, we stopped and parked at a nearby gasoline station. There were plenty of designer swimwear on offer. I bought one for my little princess Alexa, its a two-piece swimwear in animal print. I think she will look good in that. For the boys, I bought a complete suit. For me, as usual I can not find my size. Its a pity but well what can I do? I just wish I still possess the wow body as I used to have but when you are a mommy, I don't dream of that anymore. I am happy buying good things for my dearest.

Shopping for summer wear I only do once a year, of course during summer only. :) Life is difficult, money is scarce, that I practice the principle of buying what we need and not what we want. I must follow. I learned my lesson before. I had a long list of credit card bills that I painfully still paying until now. Now you know what I am talking.. credit is credit, so even if its so hard to pay, I am trying my best to clear out my name.

Anyway, back to summer issues, do you have in mind what to do this summer? Easter holiday is already this week and I bet you have a long list of activities to do with the kids. For us, we might go to the beach here in Cavite, or perhaps go back to Island Cove, maybe just swim at the village's clubhouse. But the best and easier alternative is to set up our portable pool and just swim at the garage. I guess, if all plans fail, we will settle for this.

But since its lenten season, we might go to Ayala Alabang for the procession on Black Friday, then easter egg hunting on Easter Sunday. At least these are the confirmed schedule, swimming is surely on Sunday probably our easter egg hunt. I know there are a lot of egg hunting activities at the malls, hotels, resorts, and villages but Ayala Alabang easter egg hunt is so far the best for us as the village offers lots of candies and sweets, product freebies, games to play and toys as game prizes and above all, plastic eggs that comes with a number with matching toys.