Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Francis Recipe

This was the first attempt of Francis to open a store. Our neighbor are selling french fries, kwek kwek, cheese sticks and others every afternoon. The kids would always buy from them until Francis said, Mommy I am going to prepare food and I am going to sell it. Then he prepared their table, then went to the kitchen to prepare his first recipe.

1. He took "lakatan" banana, sliced it into small pieces.

2. He got sugar and rolled the banana into it.

3. Voila - thats his product.

Then he displayed it and called his friends around the neighborhood informing them that he is now selling delicious food.

At around 5:00 PM one day, 4 teenagers were standing infront of the house. Curious as I was, I went out and asked why.. They said, Francis went to their house and said that he has cooked delicious food.

Whats that delicious food? Banana rolled into sugar!


Dhemz said...

anong recipe kaya ito...murag lami galing kau ni da...una mana te? hehehhe!

btw, kato bitaw mga links nako sa akong kitchen blog...sa Microworkers to sya...tawon, sinsilyo lang man to...pero sige lang...ehehehe...naa baka MWs te?

Din's Fashion said...

what is that he made? hihi i already added u sis in Dins Fashion TIA :D

Mama Mia said...

What was Francis making here ba sis? Mahina ako diyan sa mga luto-luto na yan eh.

Love the tiles ha! Sosyal! :D