Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kids Swimming Party

Summer spells swimming for our kids. They have been pestering of going to the beach or swimming pool at the club house, so instead of going far, we blew the portable plastic pool and bingo - the kids were like heaven already!

After 2 hours of continued swimming, the boys requested for a Jollibee delivery. My kids know what they like and as a mommy, I just want to pamper and give in to their request especially that I could only attend to them on Sunday.


Mel_Cole said...

Oh that looks fun inflatable pool :) Hope you can visit my Kids and doodles page too.

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Sa sobrang init ba naman,I'm sure mas typ eng mga bata araw araw mag swimming.

Thanks for joining the Kids In Doodles#1.

Keanna said...

I myself would jump in that inflatable pool..LoL!
I joined too but a little late. Here's my KID post . Thank you and see you around!

cherry @1716south said...

i'm so inggit. bibili na ko ng pool for my kid. =)

visiting via KID:

Mirage said...

What a "cool" way to bond!

Jumptown Inflatibles said...

I love those my only problem is when they stop playing in it and it gets super dirty and green.