Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life After Death

Do you believe in life after death? Are you the type of person who think and prepare in advance or the type who thinks and always says "lets cross the bridge when we get there". Are you one of the few that life is short thus preparing for our untimely death is necessary?

Well, when you are a parent, you always think about your children and how they develop over the years. We plan for their future by buying a college education plan. But after the major issue about a company engaged in educational plan ceased, all their money were flushed down the drain. For the same reason, when it was our time to buy for our kids, we have decided to get a no exam life insurance for the two boys. This time, we chose a world famous insurance company. My aunt trusted this company and so do I.

For us parents, we had several quotations from different companies and after a thorough check on several companies, we ended up and agreed to buy first at www.BurialInsurance.org. Buying about this type of insurance used to be a not-so-nice subject but when you are a parent, you want to prepare for everything so as not so difficult for your children when we pass away. For the same reason, I also encouraged my colleagues at work to get a senior burial insurance.