Thursday, May 19, 2011

Narra Table

When I arrived today, I noticed a water mark in the narra table in the living room. I called the attention of the helper today but I was told that it was Alexa who poured some water on it. I was kind of angry as some furnitures in the house belong to the owner and I don't want to mess with her things, its simply not nice!

We rented this house unfurnished but due to some reason, the landlord failed to get them as the tenant of the other house they owned extended the rent for another year I guess. Its a pity! I have small kids and small accidents happen unnoticed.

Thats why, I asked hubby to call again the caretaker of the house to pick up at least this narra table and most probably we will just buy a cocktail table for living room like in the photo instead.