Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Getting a Life Insurance Quotes

Just the other day, my insurance broker sent me an sms if I am interested in getting an educational plan or life insurance for my little girl. I have been thinking about that for quite some time already. But after careful thought and a discussion with hubby, we decided that if we have extra money to spend, we will get a life insurance quotes first from different sources. You see there are various types of insurance, so it is best to compare which company offers the most covered offerings at a cheaper price.

We also discussed to check burial insurance at I know this subject is not so nice but we have to face the realities of life. Everybody dies and preparing for it is better than leaving our love ones unprepared.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kids Reading Time

We are already in bed and as usual the kids tagged along with them their favorite story books.

I was surprised to see them sitting in bed in this seating arrangement. Everyone are busy reading aloud so I can hear the words if they read and pronounce it right Except for Alexa of course as she reads in her own language.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Momay In The House

Mommy and Alexa like to spend time together, having their nails done together. Ate Weng for mommy and Ate Beng for Alexa.

Alexa loves to comb mommy's hair. She loves to open her bag, tinker on the wallet, check the make up pouch, and try it on.

She loves to put make up on mommy too. Below is her masterpiece:

Nope, she is not a momay - she is our mommy. Although she looks momay here!

Alexa calls a momo / ghost as momay. Thats what we tell her when we want to get her attention.

The Angry Girl

Our little sister has an attitude now. When she is angry, this is how she look:

She was furious when mommy doesn't want to lend her the cellphone. Mommy saw the reactions of her little darling and she took her a photo. Now Alexa likes to look at it every day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Camera Critters: Tito Bong and the Snake

Its time for Camera Critters. Its been sometime that we were not able to join this weekly meme.

This week, our entry is our uncle whom we fondly call Tito Bong. We received this photo by email to show to us that he is holding a snake.

Are you up to joining this weekly meme? Click the badge below for the mechanics. See you around!

Camera Critters

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Golf Business Deals

In both business and politics, there are a lot of deals that are finalized and agreed through playing of golf. That is what my boss normally say - golf business deals. Although he doesn't play this but he has so many friends and business associates who does and at times, would confirm a deal through that.

Anyway, my hubby said that his friend is into gold and they are going to Ancala Country Club soon. His friend invited him to come along but hubby has second thoughts. First, he doesn't play golf and besides, he has some business to take care of. But he has not seen this guy for ages, so he really has to think twice and weigh all options.

Grandmother and Francis

Hey, my grandmother on our mother's side came last week to process some documents regarding their lot in Bukidnon. At the same time, also wanted to see her grandchildren.

It is a pity as she has not seen Ate Nicole, Kuya Kurt and Nathan as they moved to Sapangpalay, Bulacan and its quite a long way for Lola to commute. She cant stand commuting for that long.

We hope that we could spend more time with Lola Lita next time. And we want to visit her place in Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro. We want to help in her farm.

Popoy's 6th Birthday Cake

Blowing of Cake

Imeldific Alexa

My little girl is so addicted to shoes and sandals. Aside from her shoes, she also likes to wear my high heels - take note - high! I dont know whats in her but she does not touch my ballet flats at all, just the high heels!

These are just some of her shoes.. and of course, they are mostly in pink or with a touch of pink!

I dont know where she gets this virus, probably from me? lol

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pink Tinkerbell Sandal

This is Alexa's tinkerbell sandal in pink and white combination. This is the Christmas gift from Tito Dennis last December.