Thursday, August 25, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Adventurous Thoughts

My cousin Tzad, is now officially blogging at Adventurous Thoughts. Welcome to the blogging world Cuz!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pink Netbook For A Little Pink Lady

With my busy schedules at work and at home, I dont have time to go out to shop for things except for groceries - of course, I have to replenish the little sari-sari store of my kids.

I actually prefer not to go out on malls as otherwise my weekly budget wont be enough. So I opted for online shopping instead. Here is my latest purchase from eBay:

A pink netbook for the little pink lady. Without knowing whats inside, the moment she saw the pink wrapping, she immediatel grabbed it.

The boys opened it and checking how to turn it on. Of course, they didnt know yet how modern this netbook is. They soon realized that they need 3 AA batteries to make this work.

Alexa proud posed with a cheers sign.

Finally, the girl is working on her lappy.

The boys complained. Why always Alexa? Why no toys for us?

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Disney Princess Pink Beanbag

Its Pink Friday once again. Whew, today is already Sunday but the linky love is still open so I still have a chance to post this newly purchased Disney Princess in Pink Beanbag.

I went to SM to buy the painting materials for the kids. Then I remembered that we were given an invitation of our previous neighbor in Meadowood. So I bought a remote controlled cars on sale for Php 599.00 but it used be Php 1,200. I got it for 50% off!

I was then told that once I purchased a toy worth Php 500.00 - I can already buy the beanbag for Php 199.00 and seeing a pink color beanbag - how can I resist? Especially that I have a daughter who loves pink!

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The Golden Retriever "Cindy"

This is the first dog that daddy bought for us. But since we stayed in a
condo before, so we left Cindy in the warehouse for Lolo Boy to take care
to. We visit her every now and then.

He is in the cage but play outside every afternoon.

Construction Assistant

We have a construction worker in the house. He likes to tinker his bike
using daddy's pliers and others. This time, he is helping Tito Boyet on the
renovation of Pink Mango Canteen restroom.

Wanna help him?

Friday, August 5, 2011

One Sick Child Still Goes to School

Christoph, who self proclaimed as Popoy, is currently sick. He has a high fever since yesterday. Last night, I cuddled him tight to pacify him. He loves to cuddle with me but I don't like it so much. But last night, I was extra special to him.

This morning, he cried as he cant hardly stand up and walk. I told him to rest for today but refused. He still went to school, he wanted to take a bath with a lukewarm water but we didn't let him.

I hope he will be okay in school, its okay sending him like that as long as its his decision. After all, they have a school nurse and would advise us if the child is really sick.

I am proud of him!

Superman Wannabe Turns Businessman

As early as now, my kids have been dreaming of being a superheroes. Yes they are addicted to movies and shows with hero-save-mankind concept. Its perhaps the impact of massive advertisement both in television and in print ads.

For my eldest, apart from being a Superman fanatic, he has shown enthusiasm in the business world. He is currently running his little store at home. I spent around Php 3,000 every week for his stocks so he can practice what business is really about. I would buy in bulk and he is incharge in filing, arranging and putting into compartments.

I hope someday that he can continue the business that we have started. Of course, thats always the plan - pass on the business to its new generation. If I am still alive by then, I hope I am, I would train him more in the accounting and finance side of the business because that is where I am not so familiar with. I am not so keen on these figures like tax extension, I am more in Sales.