Sunday, August 7, 2011

Disney Princess Pink Beanbag

Its Pink Friday once again. Whew, today is already Sunday but the linky love is still open so I still have a chance to post this newly purchased Disney Princess in Pink Beanbag.

I went to SM to buy the painting materials for the kids. Then I remembered that we were given an invitation of our previous neighbor in Meadowood. So I bought a remote controlled cars on sale for Php 599.00 but it used be Php 1,200. I got it for 50% off!

I was then told that once I purchased a toy worth Php 500.00 - I can already buy the beanbag for Php 199.00 and seeing a pink color beanbag - how can I resist? Especially that I have a daughter who loves pink!

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May said...

Ay ang saya! Especially since its so girly pink. I don't think your daughter will be sharing that much since she'll be sitting and playing with it a whole lot! Cute!

Happy Pink Friday! And have a colorful week too... then come to the Colorful Weekend link party this Saturday. :D Fun!

Jessica said...

Hello Sis,
what a cute bean bag, my daughter will love that too especially with the Princesses, visiting from PF, hope you can visit me here


Rcel said...

Oh that's a nice buy! Bagay na bagay din for your princess! :)

Visiting late; my apology. Thanks for checking out my PF entries. If you haven't yet, you still are welcome!
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Thanks and have a great day!

haopee said...

I love your bean bag!!! Although I don't want it in pink, I just love bean bags!