Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pink Netbook For A Little Pink Lady

With my busy schedules at work and at home, I dont have time to go out to shop for things except for groceries - of course, I have to replenish the little sari-sari store of my kids.

I actually prefer not to go out on malls as otherwise my weekly budget wont be enough. So I opted for online shopping instead. Here is my latest purchase from eBay:

A pink netbook for the little pink lady. Without knowing whats inside, the moment she saw the pink wrapping, she immediatel grabbed it.

The boys opened it and checking how to turn it on. Of course, they didnt know yet how modern this netbook is. They soon realized that they need 3 AA batteries to make this work.

Alexa proud posed with a cheers sign.

Finally, the girl is working on her lappy.

The boys complained. Why always Alexa? Why no toys for us?


Mika said...

OH YEAH! A pink laptop ----that I like :) how awesome that kids have those kinds of toys, when I was a kid all I have a mickey mouse game and watch :))

Kids are so lucky these days!

Rcel said...

What a cutie buy! Sorry boys, pink are cuter to buy! LOL.

Visiting from PF with my pink entries:
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See you!

Jessica said...

Hello Sis,
great gift for her and her brothers to learn, pretty girl too, visiting from PF, hope you can visit me here too


Henry said...

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