Friday, August 5, 2011

Superman Wannabe Turns Businessman

As early as now, my kids have been dreaming of being a superheroes. Yes they are addicted to movies and shows with hero-save-mankind concept. Its perhaps the impact of massive advertisement both in television and in print ads.

For my eldest, apart from being a Superman fanatic, he has shown enthusiasm in the business world. He is currently running his little store at home. I spent around Php 3,000 every week for his stocks so he can practice what business is really about. I would buy in bulk and he is incharge in filing, arranging and putting into compartments.

I hope someday that he can continue the business that we have started. Of course, thats always the plan - pass on the business to its new generation. If I am still alive by then, I hope I am, I would train him more in the accounting and finance side of the business because that is where I am not so familiar with. I am not so keen on these figures like tax extension, I am more in Sales.