Monday, September 19, 2011

A Cup of Coffee

Time flies so fast, its now September and in a few days, we will start to hear Christmas songs and carols. Are you excited? My kids are for sure!

But this month, I have to focus on school requirements, I need to pay the quarterly tuition for my two kids. Education is still the only legacy we can give to our kids. Land properties, buildings, houses, cars and other investment, if not manage well and if the dollar depreciation - one cannot tell what the future holds for these kinds of investment. Don't get me wrong, we also don't have these for now. But who knows? We simply cannot tell! I am checking on bonds tips and penny stock tips.

A stock broker is actually inviting me for a cup of coffee, should I give in? Do I have the funds now to invest? I guess I have to check first on the stock market. Thinking about it now, makes me crave for a cup of black coffee.