Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 Tips for Helping Your Kids Learn to Write

Writing is a vital communication skill that begins to develop early in life as young children learn to express themselves through gestures and spoken words. Early writing skills first emerge as a toddler’s scribbling. While these early drawings seem random and unintelligible, they are an important first step in writing. By the time they enter school, children recognize letters of the alphabet and begin to form letters. Writing skills continue to develop as children’s cognitive and fine motor skills advance.

By maintaining awareness and using a little creativity, parents can support their child’s writing development in a number of simple ways.

1. Make Reading A Priority

Children who are exposed to reading early and often are more likely to develop good writing skills later in life. Read together daily. Surround children with a wide variety of books, visiting the local library often to explore new books and subjects. Notice which classroom themes capture a child’s interest and expand on those themes at home with related reading.

2. Make Reading Interactive

When reading together, ask questions about the story or pictures. Discuss the characters and make predictions about what will happen next. Such interactive reading creates a richer experience that enhances learning and promotes a love of reading.

3. Provide A Place To Write

Be sure children have a place to write. A good writing surface is a smooth, flat table or desk. Make sure that lighting is adequate.

4. Provide Materials

Provide plenty of paper, pens, pencils and crayons. Note cards, stationary and notepads with fun designs are especially appealing to children. Materials should always be available and easily accessible for use during spontaneous play.

5. Encourage Writing Activities

Suggest that young children dictate stories. Composing their thoughts and expressing themselves orally is an important first step to writing. Telling stories through pictures is another great activity that promotes expression. Ask children to make lists, or keep a journal. Young children can keep picture journals. Give emerging writers words and sentences to copy.

6. Write Letters

Help your child develop a letter-writing relationship. Writing to a pen pal allows a child to practice writing with purpose about topics that interest them. Letters children receive help expand reading skills and allow children to learn about others. A pen pal living in another state or country provides an opportunity to discover information about new places. Children may feel more confident when writing to someone they know, so relatives and friends are ideal first pen pals. Even young children can engage in a pen pal relationship by drawing pictures and dictating letters to a parent.

7. Play Word Games

Many games and puzzles help build vocabulary along with reading and writing fluency. Most toy stores carry a variety of board and card games containing word play. Try working together on crossword puzzles and anagrams designed for children. Kids may also enjoy word games available online or designed for electronic game systems.

8. Be Responsive

Respond to the ideas a child communicate through writing, drawing or spoken words. Focus on what the child is expressing rather than on penmanship, spelling or other aspects of technique. Show interest and offer positive comments.

9. Check Homework

Help reinforce classroom learning by checking a child's homework for spelling and punctuation errors. Advise children writing reports at home to complete a first-draft, then help them check spelling, capitalization and punctuation before completing a final copy.

10. Take Time To Talk

Encourage kids to express themselves by talking with them about anything and everything. A great way to get kids talking is to create a jar of conversation starters filled with interesting questions and topics. Start a dinnertime tradition of discussing the day’s highs and lows. Spend time talking in the car or while cooking together. Practicing verbal expression will help kids learn to express themselves effectively in writing.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Francis Turn

Francis is laughing and laughing while the therapist massage his feet. He is so ticklish!

Foot Reflex

Christoph is enjoying his foot reflex session with Ate Maricris. As usual, he has to be the first. Next in line is Kuya Francis.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Kids Power

When Daddy is not around, the kids overpower Mommy. I can't get to watch news or any station that I like. I have to watch Disney Playhouse, Cartoon Network or Nick Jr. Those are just some of the channels that my kids love to watch. Unfortunately, that's my life without Daddy so please come home now. We miss you very much!
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Kipling Christmas Party 2011

Menino's Christmas Party 2011

My "chubbilicious" son posed before the start of their Christmas party in
school. They were asked to wear a Christmas color like red, yellow and
green. Since he has a lot of red and I chose green. He disliked it but told
him, his teacher said him to wear green instead of red.

12/366 BPC: Meet and Greet With Santa in Limketkai Cagayan

This is surely a late post but would like to post to document our activities
in Cagayan de Oro.

We arrived on 18th of December, a day after the killer flashfloods in the
city. Immediately after our arrival, we went to the river where hundreds if
not thousands of houses were built along the riverside that were wiped out
in seconds. It was not a pretty sight.

To lighten up the moods of the kids, they were shocked as well, we went to
Limketkai and luckily, the good old Santa was waiting for the kids.

Photo opps with Santa

Francis received a handful of candies/chocolates

Christoph turned for a photo session

Alexa was afraid of Santa so Ate Weng posed with her. Unfortunately, the camera didnt work well. :)

Sharing these pics for the 366 Blog Photo Challenge