Friday, January 13, 2012

12/366 BPC: Meet and Greet With Santa in Limketkai Cagayan

This is surely a late post but would like to post to document our activities
in Cagayan de Oro.

We arrived on 18th of December, a day after the killer flashfloods in the
city. Immediately after our arrival, we went to the river where hundreds if
not thousands of houses were built along the riverside that were wiped out
in seconds. It was not a pretty sight.

To lighten up the moods of the kids, they were shocked as well, we went to
Limketkai and luckily, the good old Santa was waiting for the kids.

Photo opps with Santa

Francis received a handful of candies/chocolates

Christoph turned for a photo session

Alexa was afraid of Santa so Ate Weng posed with her. Unfortunately, the camera didnt work well. :)

Sharing these pics for the 366 Blog Photo Challenge