Thursday, February 23, 2012

Need To Know Networking Advice For Women

Many times, we find ourselves in situations when we badly need someone’s help or assistance on something very important. For instance, have you been in a situation when you needed to contact an individual and you don’t know how? Do you know that in such situations, had you been aware what networking is, you could have easily used your network to solve your problem on how to get in touch with the person?

What Is A Network?
A network consists of people you know who can either help you directly or lead you to someone else or to more information.

Networking Described
Networking is formally described as follows: It’s all about creating and making contacts; sharing information and ideas; discovering and creating potentials and possibilities; and the most important of all - seizing opportunities through the network.

How Can Networking Help Women?
Taking the definition of network and networking in mind, we realize that there’s so much that networking can do to help people in need.

Here’s a good example of how networking can help women in particular:

Are you looking for a job? Are you looking for a business opportunity? Women can take advantage of networking to find suitable employment or use it to explore business opportunities.

How can networking help? The answer is very simple.

Let’s just say that you are looking for an employment opportunity as a secretary. At the moment, your best source of job vacancy information is through newspaper ads or postings in employment resource centers. Surely, most applicants will have viewed those postings and have applied for the positions. This makes the competition very stiff and your chances of getting hired very slim.

Now let me ask you these questions, and I’d like to ask you to answer them honestly:
o        How many friends do you have?
o        How many of these your friends are in the position to hire you?
o        How many of these your friends know anybody who can possibly hire you?
o        How many of these your friends know anybody who can recommend you to their friends who might need a secretary?

Do you know that by identifying your network, you can increase the likelihood of you finding employment with the help of your friends who are in your network? This is true. Moreover, a recommendation from a friend or an acquaintance is given weight when it comes to considering someone for a position. Remember the need to provide would-be employers character references? If you are a good and honest person, your friends will not hesitate to recommend you to their network of friends and associates.

Networking Advice for Women
o        Make a list of your friends;
o        Be sure you have their contact numbers such as mobile phone, home phones, and email addresses;
o        Talk to your friends and tell them about your need;
o        ask for their help and/or recommendation – if they know anybody who may have a need for your services;
o        Keep your list updated;
o        Be true and honest in your dealings with people.

Following these advice will help build your credibility and with that, people will welcome you in their network as well.

Joe Douglas is a native of North Carolina. He holds a B.A in Literature and works full time as a Research Scientist working in Agricultural Biotechnology. He is a freelance writer for eDrugstore.MD and other scientific journals covering big pharma news such as obtaining a Viagra prescription.