Saturday, March 24, 2012

Proper Use of HP Ink Refills

Industries have now embraced their role in the society. They not only focus on making profits but also on making sure that that we protect our environment. HP Printer Inkjet cartridges manufacturers have also made an effort to ensure that the environmental friendly. This has led Hp ink manufactures to make available refilling services instead of buying brand new cartridges every time they empty out the hp ink. Using the HP printer ink refills in the right way will save you money. Refilling ink is much cheaper than buying a cartridge. You do not have to wait for the ink empty out in your cartridge, you should refill the cartridges every now and then because if you wait to long then ink will probably dry and clog the outlets of the cartridge. Ink Cartridges are different therefore you should never assume that it is easy. Make sure you know how to refill or else you will make a mess of yourself, damage the cartridge or printer. Wrong use of refills can make quite a mess on you and your desk. You should learn how to use refills in a manner that will not mess your hands, cloths and your work area. Use the proper HP Printer Inkjet cartridges. In almost all cases you will find that using the wrong equipment will cost you either time or money. You can avoid making messes by simply buying the appropriate work tools. In this case you should use proper HP printer inkjet cartridges. Make sure you purchase only the recommended ink for your printer. Follow instructions on the manual. All hp toner cartridges come with a set of instructions that that are meant to guide you on how to use them in the properly to avoid any damage on your printer head or the cartridge itself. Instructions also help you fill the cartridge chambers with the right color of ink to avoid altered printing patterns on your print outs.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Replica Bvlgari Rings – Stylish and Inexpensive Fashion Jewelry

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If you require various types of jewelries for the different garments and on the different type of occasions, you have to prefer this affordable replica bvlgari rings.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tarpaulin Used for Nathan's Birthday

On Sunday, we went to San Jose del Monte, Bulacan to witness the Christening of Baby Nathan and after the baptism, the celebration of his first birthday.

It was a long drive, around 2 hours from Bacoor, Cavite but it was time well spent. Worth it! It was the first time we saw Nathan after they moved to Bulacan a year ago.

This is the tarpaulin outside their house sponsored by Stickerworld. You may also browse thru their Facebook Page. It's a 4 x 6 ft, and was nicely printed!

More photos of his baptism and birthday celebration soon. I still have to upload them in Photobucket.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Essential Soccer Equipment

1)      Ball- The most important part of any soccer match is the ball!  Over the years these have developed from a pigs bladder covered in leather, which were notoriously heavy, to modern football; a light ball made from synthetic materials. This development of the ball has changed the way people play, whilst the older styles of balls were more difficult to hit hard, they were also more difficult to stop. The light synthetic balls can move viciously in the air, sometimes making the goalkeeper look like an idiot in the process.  There are many different quality balls on the market at the moment, from cheap ones, ideal for playing a game with your mates in the street to expensive professional balls that are used in only the highest level of the game.

2)      Goalposts- A must have for any competitive match, goalposts are the definitive guide to whether a goal has been scored or not. They can be made out of wood, metal or plastics. The official size of a goalpost is eight foot high and 8 yards wide (2.4m high and 7.32m wide).

3)      Gloves- Another piece of equipment revolutionized by the production of synthetic materials, goalkeeper gloves help to protect the hands from any hard hit shot. They are also designed to make it easier to catch the ball, with a layer of material on the palm of the glove that sticks to the ball more.  It is now rare to see a keeper at any level play without a pair of gloves.

4)      Shin pads- Perhaps the most important piece of equipment that is in place for the protection of the players, shin pads stop any knocks or cuts appearing on the lower leg. Newer models have an incorporated ankle support however no matter how well made the shin pad is it is not going to stop a leg breaking tackle. The two most important factors when deciding what ship pad to use are safety and comfort.

5)      Cleats- Soccer cleats can come in all shapes, sizes, designs, colours, brands and price! There are many on the market to choose from, ranging from heavier sturdier shoes to lighter more delicate cleats. To get a bargain go to ...etc. Like footballs there is a large price range, from inexpensive pairs for the beginner to the professional cleats worn by the top athletes all over the world

6)      Cones- The level of soccer coaching has dramatically increased in the US in the past twenty years, there are now many valuable pieces of training equipment, however cones are the most fundamental and also the most versatile. From setting up passing drills to dividing up the field, cones are now an integral part of any soccer practice.

7)      Soccer Jerseys- there is no better support your team than wearing their jersey, sometimes in the US it can be difficult to find a place to buy these relatively specialist items but on … .. you can buy practically any soccer top known to man.

You can buy all of the above using Eurosport coupon codes to save some money!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Ready for Swimming

 Our friends are going to the club house to swim and we are invited to join them. Luckily, mommy agreed so here Alexa is  showing off her attire for the day. It's a Barbie two piece swimming costume but unfortunately the panty is nowhere to be found. So Alexa is wearing another pair. She wanted to hide that thus she took this skirt to wear on top of it.


Of course she can't leave the house without her Barbie shoes. Our baby sister is living in the Barbie land.

Oh wait, this photo is uploaded from my Mommy's Blackberry Phone. I wonder why I can't edit to make it standing. Any help is appreciated. My entry for 70/366 Blog Photo Challenge.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kids Formal Wear

This is Francis on his formal wear for Mariel's 7the birthday party celebration. He is one of the 7 flowers to grace the event. My son is really excited.

My share for 366 Blog Photo Challenge

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Francis and the Horse

Popoy and the Horse

Cowboy Hat

Hey friends, do I look like Jack Sparrow now?

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Farm Workers

We are a farm workers now! Come and join us in Lipa, Batangas!

We Are In The Horse Farm

Hello buddies, we are here in the horse farm of my Uncle's friend. We will be staying here until tomorrow. Watch for our photos when we ride the horses later.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Bahay Kubo School Project

Valentine Gift for Mommy

School Art : Van

Popoy was assigned to bring an empty box of soap, 4 plastic cups, some coloring materials and glue.

Here is the project, a well thought van. What a work of art!