Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tooth Extraction

Kids don't like to go to the dentist! That's for sure - or at least for my kids. At first, they are very hesitant of going, I had to make up some stories just to convince them to visit their pediatric dentist.

For Chris, he was afraid at first but I told him that the dentist will only look at your tooth and if for extraction, only for the front tooth as it was really in bad shaped as shown in the monitor below. The dentist has to make stories as well.

Here is the story:

Dentist: you know Chris, look at your tooth in the monitor. It looks so bad because there are many worms inside. If we will not take it out, the worms will go down to your stomach and you can't eat your favorite food anymore. Do you want that?

Chris : No! No!

Dentist: So what's your favorite food?

Chris: Fried chicken, hotdog, and eggs.

Dentist: So if you want to eat them, we have to pull out your tooth. Is that okay?

Chris: Yes! yes!

While I was listening their conversation, I couldn't helped but laugh. I love the convincing power of the dentist. After the short story telling, here's the photo of Chris who bravely faced the dentist.

Chris was smiling after he came out of the room. And he proudly showed me his 3 teeth which was extracted that day!