Thursday, June 14, 2012

Advantages of Renting Textbooks

Renting out college textbook has become a popular choice among many students. Their unbeatable price offers is the most attractive feature but there are actually more than just being affordable when it comes to textbook rentals.

By renting textbooks, students can save up to 50% or more off their textbook price when bought. You have to realize that textbooks have very low sell back value because they may no longer be useable for the next semester. This makes textbook rentals an easier and cheaper option for many students who are on a tight budget. Another interesting feature that many textbook rental companies offer is that they have a return option when you have a cancelled subject or a change in your schedule leaving you with a book that is no longer needed. If you wish to return the book within the certain guarantee period, you can refund your rental fee for it.

Textbook rental companies also allow students to pick the term of the rental so you can choose the shortest rental term and pay for the lowest rental fees. If you need the books for longer, these companies may also allow you to extend the use or if you need the contents and want to keep the book, then you are allowed to buy it. Free shipping and returns is an additional advantage that rental companies offer. You may also want to check textbook rental companies that partners up with causes the way Campusbookrentals donate to Operation Smile for each textbook rented from them.