Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Art at Home without Ruining the Furniture – 3 Fun Ideas for the Children

Children of all ages love Art but ensuring that the furniture survives is a matter of planning and preparation. Make sure your children know where the plastic sheets are kept (old party tablecloths are ideal), that they understand they cannot use paint in the room with the cream carpet and that they can find the art supplies they need. Providing a special cupboard where the items can be kept enables the children to find their supplies independently.
Face Painting
 The Pen Company would like to offer some ideas for Art that your children may enjoy: 

Junk Modelling 

Have a box full of interesting shaped boxes and other items suitable for junk modelling. Children love working with 3D shapes and this will help their imaginations flow.


Invest in an Origami book and learn together how to make a flapping swan or a boat. Learning to fold a square of paper into different shapes is creative and inventive and your children will enjoy learning how to make the models and then showing their friends.

Card Making

Make your own cards using cut-outs, bright felts and old birthday cards. A personalised card is much more appreciated than a shop-bought one. Let the imaginations run wild and make individual cards for special occasions for friends and family.

Photo Credit: Face Painting by Chris P