Saturday, July 14, 2012

Games That Keep Them Busy

I find it very amazing how kids think and act nowadays. It seems like they grow up so fast and before we realized it, they are already teens trying to be independent. So as a mom, I would always spend quality time with them to collect good memories that they could cherish wherever fate would bring them in the future. 

If my kids are not busy with school stuff and we do not have other plans for a particular day, they would keep themselves busy looking for best online games. My boys love to play games online. Each of them actually has a scheduled time to play and surf the internet. Discipline is the thing when it comes to this subject. 

 And if the boys are busy, the little girl would also keep herself busy as well. At an early age she already knew how to open the computer. If I am not that busy with my online tasks, I would let her surf Power Puff Girls online. She is very fascinated by the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Well, who could blame her? Those girls are really fun to watch as she could somehow relate to them. 

 I am just so glad that online games keep my kids busy. This will at least give me a peace of mind seeing them just within our place and not somewhere else. As a mom, the most important thing for me is the welfare and happiness of my kids all the time.