Sunday, July 1, 2012

Personalized Tumblers

I prepared Popoy's 7th birthday for 2 weeks only. I know that is too short for a party to prepare, I used to prepare for around 6 months but for him this time, it took me only 2 weeks.

For the giveaways, I wanted to go to Divisoria to score some deals but didn't have the time so I went to SM Bacoor to check on things. I saw in Toy Kingdom some pillows for Php 100.00 each (USD 2.40) in orange color - Naruto is color orange so I thought this would do the job! I checked the store for availability and they said they have 30 pcs. It was pretty safe then. I went home thinking how to personalize the said pillows. I didn't buy at that time because I will only commute and buying 30 pcs of pillows will be too bulky to commute so I decided to come back the next day with a car.

The following day, came back but instead of going straight to Toy Kingdom, I dropped at Surplus as I spotted a tumbler in copper/orange color. I fall in love the moment I got hold of it. And so I bought it without second thought. Tumbler cost Php 100.00 also.

Then I ordered from Stickerworld the personalized vinyl sticker using their house brand Primecal.

The sticker up close:

Personalized label:

After installing the stickers and the thank you note, here are the final giveaway - Personalized Tumblers.